Mrs. Sava's Classroom Spotlight

By Mrs. Sava's Second Grade Class

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Mrs. Sava

by Niranjan & Yostina

Mrs. Sava works hard and she helps students when they have a problem with their activities. She is always nice. Mrs. Sava does her best to make everything right. She wants us to have a lot of fun outside.

Mrs. Sava has a hamster. She likes to read books and snowboards. Mrs. Sava likes hiking. Her favorite color is blue. She likes to play outside and she has plants, like tomatoes. Mrs. Sava lives on a hill it is always sunny.

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by Yaletzie & Aadhav

We are writing about sentences and how to fix problems. We use a pencil, eraser, marker and a whiteboard. Our favorite things to write about are stories, science, and reading. We like to write about forests and desert and ocean fauna and flora. Some students use a timer to write fast.

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by Danely, Shraviya, Hindavi

We like to read rhyming books. We like reading about animals. We like to read mystery books and books in book clubs. We like to read adventure books and learning hard words. Sometimes we learn new words, for example, any word that we don't know. We like to learn new words and how to spell. We read every day.

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Our Class

by Coral

During recess, we always like to play the same game. We play ball tag to keep our distance. And we respectful when we are it. It is really nice to be in Mrs. Sava's class. Mrs. Sava is a really nice teacher.

by Kaed

Our class is sometimes loud and sometimes quiet. We all like playing outside. My class makes me happy.

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by Sam

In math, we are learning several things like quadrilaterals and we also learned about time. Like 30 minutes back, 5 minutes back, etc. We have also learned about money and class economy. My favorite topic was when we were learning about money. It inspired me to earn something. I also felt excited about most of the things I learned in math.

by Bayland

We figure out equations. One strategy we use is to combine numbers. Like 4 + 11 = 15. Combine the 4 +1 and you get 5. Then 5 + 10 = 15.

by Alex

We have learned in Dreambox on a big number line and you have to match the size of the box. There are timer and money equations. We earn lots of coins in Dreambox.

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by Terrence

We like reading and sometimes writing. Sometimes we play math games.

by Gael

We go to recess. We write a big page. And reading.

by Connor

I like to draw shapes and go out for recess. I like to peel the paper off the tree during recess. We like to play ball tag.

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by Alexis

We try to make stuff that we have never made before like experiments. We drew pictures of landforms. One project we did was make this weird goop. We made mountains and poked holes in it and added water and it made goop.

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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

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