134th EDITION: November 8, 2019

From the Desk of Rev. Jared Twenty

The month of November is traditionally devoted to praying for the souls of the faithful departed. At Marian, we place a book in front of the Blessed Mother statue in the center of the first floor hallway, where students, staff, and faculty can write down the names of their beloved deceased so that we can intentionally pray for them throughout the month. The book fills up quickly, and many have come to me personally to tell me about those they have lost. I am particularly mindful of this in my daily offering of the Holy Mass.

Sometimes people ask me, “Why pray for the dead? What do they need from us? Are they not now in the arms of Jesus?”

The reason we pray for the dead is pretty simple. Christians believe that we are saved through the grace of Jesus Christ. We cannot earn that grace, but we must freely receive it. However, after we first receive that grace, Jesus isn’t done with us yet. He works on us throughout our lives, to make us more and more ready for His kingdom. He does that through the sacraments, through prayer, and through the daily experiences of life - our joys and our crosses. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not so sure that I’ll be a perfectly complete Christian when my time in this life is over. Thanks be to God, He can still work on me after I pass. This doesn’t mean I get a second chance, nor does it mean that my salvation is now in jeopardy. It means that Christ’s mercy is patient but firm. He will perfect me in His image if I allow Him to, and He won’t stop until that project is complete. We pray for each other in life because we’re all in this Christian journey together. So it only makes sense that we would still pray for each other in death - as Christians have done for 2,000 years - so that journey might be complete.

I’m reminded of the very first funeral I served as a seminarian when I was helping out in a parish over the summer many years ago. It was for a young man who had tragically died of cancer. At one point during the homily, the priest addressed the mother, trying his best to comfort her. He also made sure to encourage her to pray for her son every day for the rest of her life. Afterward, a friend of the family came up to him and asked “Father, why did you ask her to pray for her son? Why do you want her to worry? Wouldn’t it be more comforting to assure her that her son is now in heaven?” With charity and respect, the priest asked him, “Sir, if that poor young man’s own mother doesn’t pray for him, who will?”

With special intensity this month, let’s pray for all of our loved ones who have gone before us, with confident hope that Christ will bring us all into the fullness of His kingdom.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace. Amen.

May theirs souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

God bless,

Fr. Twenty

E Learning

Marian Administration and the Diocese of Rockford have come to a decision with regards to addressing the missed instructional time due to the lightning strike in mid-September. As you recall, due to the immediate assessment of damage to our school and safety concerns, Marian was closed from September 10-13. Since this incident, all Marian staff has been trained in how to implement E-Learning Days, a way to conduct school through the use of technology when school cannot be in session due to inclement weather (think of snow days). With this new procedure in place we have decided to use November 15, 2019 (Marian’s annual 8th Grade Visit Day, a day of non-attendance for Marian students) as an E-Learning Day to make up some lost time from the lightning strike. If you have not had a chance, please check out our new E-Learning protocols found on pages 20-21 in the 2019-20 Student Handbook.

What does this mean for your students? As the handbook indicates, all classes are required to post assignments. In addition:

  • Students are responsible to check each course’s webpage by 9:00 am, complete an assignment and submit online as per the teacher’s instruction, including but not limited to Google Classroom, OneNote, or Teams.
  • All work is to be submitted no later than 4:00 pm of the same day. The submission of the assignment serves as evidence of student attendance.
  • Teachers will also provide designated “office hours” in which students will be able to obtain help, answer questions, etc. during the E-Learning Day.

We do understand that some students from theater, band, department helpers, and student mentors will be “working” on the 8th grade visit day. All of those students will be marked “FT” which indicates field trip, so it will not affect the student’s attendance record, and they will have an additional day to make up assignments.

As for any additional instructional time missed due to the lightning, the Diocese has evaluated and counted all of our instructional time/contact hours with the students and has determined that we do not need to make up any more time. Please note, however, that we still may need to make-up up to 4 additional days if/when Marian closes for winter weather or other emergencies.


**All E-Learning work will be formative and will have a clear value towards the current curriculum.

Excused Absence: Students have 1 day for every day missed. If the student just missed the E-Learning day, they are expected to submit work the next school day for full earned credit.

Unexcused Absence: Students are still expected to turn in the assignment by the next school day. If they turn it in, they will get 50% of the credit earned on the assignment. If they do not turn it in, they will receive a zero (0).

Fall Production

Marian Central Theater will present the play, Ask Any Girl, on November 8-9 at 7 pm and November 10 at 2 pm in the school auditorium. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for seniors and students. Tickets may be purchased at the door beginning 30 minutes before each show. Seats are not reserved.

The show guarantees an evening of 1959 charm and nostalgia and revolves around Meg Wheeler, a recent college graduate who moves to New York to escape her small, midwestern hometown. While there, she hopes to find a good job and a successful husband. With many twists and turns, the audience, as well as her boss, can expect the unexpected. The cast and crew promise an evening of lighthearted humor, laughter, and fun. Don’t miss it!

Booster Club Happenings - Athletic Outreach Program

On Tuesday, November 5th Marian Central Catholic student-athletes visited St. Margaret Mary, SS. Peter and Paul and St. Thomas as part of Marian's new Athletic Outreach Program. Thank you to Janelle Allen, Jayden Thiergood, Ryan Jones and Dylan Connell for sharing their stories with our future Hurricanes about life as a student-athlete at Marian Central and how to balance athletics and academics.

This event was sponsored by the Marian Central Catholic Athletic Booster Club. To learn more about Marian's Athletic Booster Club please visit the next meeting on Wednesday, November 13 at 7:30 PM in the school cafeteria.

Kairos Retreat Parent Information

If you were unable to attend the Kairos parent meeting this week, please be sure to contact Ms. Deitz at to catch up on what you missed. Your child's retreat will be greatly affected without your participation.

College Applications

Senior Parents and Students - College Application Deadline Season is Upon Us!

There are three deadlines that are just around the corner: November 15, December 1, and January 1. It is critical that students are aware of the application deadlines for the schools they plan on applying to and that they inform Guidance well in advance of that deadline so that all application materials that are sent by Guidance (official transcripts, standardized test scores, school profile and letters of recommendation - teacher and counselor) can be produced, gathered and sent to the schools on time. IMPORTANT: Students do not have to have completed their application to a school before they submit a Transcript Request Form (available in Guidance and on our website). In fact, once a student knows he/she will be applying to a school, they should submit the form. That way, as the student is working on completing the application, we can take time to put together application materials. If a school requires a counselor recommendation, it is important that students turn in their completed Transcript Request Forms at least 10 school days in advance of the application deadline set by the college or university. Please reference the following schedule:

Application Deadline...........................Transcript Request Form due to Guidance

..........................................................(If a school requires a Counselor Rec)

Friday, November 15 ..............................Monday, November 4

Sunday, December 1 ..............................Monday, November 18

Wednesday, January 1 .......................... Monday, December 9

Information regarding each college/university’s application deadlines, and requirements for applying (including whether or not a counselor recommendation is required) can be found in SCOIR and/or on the institutions’ website. Of course, if any questions arise parents and students should not hesitate to contact us here in Guidance at 815-338-4220, ext. 115.

8th Grade Visit Day

Our annual 8th Grade Visit Day is Friday, November 15th from 9:30 am to 12:15 pm. All current 8th graders are invited to attend. If your 8th grader does not attend one of the McHenry Deanery catholic grade schools, please contact Mrs. DiSilvio at or 815-338-4220 x107 to register for the event.

Thank you!

Thank you to Ky Perrone, Marian Central Class of 2019, for building new display cases for our Auditorium Commons. Ky designed and constructed the display cases for his Eagle Scout project. Thank you, Ky, for helping to beautify our beloved school.

Tis the Season to Be Grateful!

Want to read some uplifting stories from our students? Are they surprising? Funny? Insightful? Coming in December is the 2nd Annual Student Essay Contest celebrating St. Nicholas! We'll be asking students for 100 words reflecting on what they are grateful for this Christmas season. Contest rules will be handed out at school on St. Nick’s Day, Friday, December 6. Encourage your kids to submit their entry in this friendly contest (Spoiler! 2 winners chosen by Father Twenty will each receive $50).

McHenry County College Night

MCC Night is November 13, 2019 from 5:30pm- 7:30PM. They will also have a pre-event presentation on “Start at MCC and finish at a 4-year college/university and other options MCC has for students” at 5:00pm. Students can explore the programs at MCC and also complete the application to be a student at MCC for FREE!

Craft Fair - The Church of Holy Apostles

You’ll find that gift you’re looking for at the HALO Holiday Craft & Bake Sale! HALO members have handcrafted hundreds of unique gift items, both practical and decorative. And in addition to a variety of baked goods, featured will be a Cookie Wonderland of specialty cookies sold by the pound. There is free admission to the sale on Sat. Nov. 23, 9 AM to 6 PM and Sun. Nov. 24, 9 AM to 1 PM at The Church of Holy Apostles, Crystal Lake & Bull Valley Rds., in McHenry. Cash, checks & credit cards accepted