Tanner Swanson 8/Ms.Green


Food web

Energy moves from animal to animal creating a foodweb. The cactus,seeds,grass,and sagebrush in the example are producers.Producers make their own food.All other animals are consumers.Consumers consume the energy(food) that the producers produce.The grey wolf is an example of a tertiary consumer.The jackrabbit is an example of a primary consumer.tThe cactus wren is an example of a secondary consumer.


Ways humans impact this environment

Mainly, humans build tourist attractions in the chaparral biome. In fact, one of the major threats to this biome is humans coming in and building buildings. They also come in and build industries and factories. This affects organisms that depend on natural forest fires to survive. This biome is being simplified to suit modern human needs. As a result more and more organisms are becoming threatened and even endangered. Sustainable revolution is very important in this biome. It is important to have an enviornment that both humans, plants, and animals can live in.