Grand Canyon National Park

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Grand Canyon is located in Arizona, U.S.A.
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How Many Acres?

1,217,403 acres

When Did It Become a National Park?


How Much Does it Cost to get in?

$30 cars

$25 motorcycle

$15 individual person (free under the age of 15)

Where do I Stay if I'm going to Grand Canyon?

The South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park is open year-round. However, some of Grand Canyon National Park Lodges lodging, restaurants and gift shops are open seasonally and with limited hours. You can also go camping.
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What is the Main Attraction? What is There to do?

The main attraction is probably the canyon. You can go to the museum, you can walk/hike you can raft on the Colorado river, biking is an option, go to the visitor center, and you can walk down trails. There are many tours you can take. Also you can go on a mule trip.

Biking On The Rim

This is a video of some people biking in the trail on the rim

What is The Weather Like in Different Seasons?

During Summer (June- August) temperatures often exceed 100 ºF at the bottom of the canyon. During Winter (December-February) temperatures on the rim range from a low of 20 ºF to a high of 43 ºF. Average temperatures at Phantom Ranch, range from a low of 38 ºF to a high of 58 ºF. During Spring and fall the average temperatures at the South Rim range from a low of 34 ºF to a high of 62 ºF. Average temperatures at Phantom Ranch, range from a low of 55 ºF to a high of 82 ºF.

Why Was Grand Canyon turned into a National Park?

Grand Canyon was turned into a national park because the government wanted to preserve the beauty. Also because they didn't want people to build on it.

Would I Like to Travel To Grand Canyon?

I would like to travel to the Grand Canyon because I like hiking and doing stuff like that with my family and I love pretty scenic views. I like rafting and biking and it just sound like a really fun and pretty time. One reason why I wouldn't want to visit the Grand Canyon In the summer is because it can get really hot.