Monticello Middle School East News

Student's Progress On Projects For 2016

The Bridge Project

Our Monticello Middle School students in EAST are working on building a bridge outside by the EAST lab and Computer Lab. This bridge is being used to help students get to these two rooms without getting their feet soaked when it rains. The bridge has been completed but it is being taken down for a few days while they repair a wall in our EAST lab.The bridge has railings on the side and is made from wood. The students who are working on this are Olivia Wilson, Zach Jones, Brooklyn Taylor, and Phillip Stephenson.

The Yearbook

Another project EAST has been working on is the yearbook! Our yearbook includes student portraits, clubs/organizations, sports and other fun pages about our school. This year the yearbook staff is switching up things and doing a page full of funny events. The yearbook for this year is going to be great!! Get your yearbook now for $25! There is only a few left!