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October 2017

Dates to Remember

End of First Nine-Weeks: October 6

Fall Break: October 16 - October 20

September's Newsworthy Classrooms

Silk Road Simulation

Negotiating a fair price for items can often be difficult, especially when you're trying to be the most profitable civilization on the Silk Road. This is exactly what Mr. Harrison's students tried to accomplish during the Silk Road Simulation.

"The Silk Road simulation is meant to be provide the students with a fun and interactive experience that allows them to buy and sell products that were traded along the Silk Road with the goal of being the civilization that makes the most profit. It's fun watching them haggle with one another and try to reach an agreeable price for the goods they are buying and selling." - Mr. Harrison

"The Silk Road Simulation allowed us to learn about trading in the Classical Era. We bartered to buy and sell certain goods such as ivory, blankets, horses, and glass beads. Some people dressed up as their civilizations. Everyone researched their culture to learn how to say hello and find a traditional name." - Ellie Garst

“The trading activity we did in class was an extremely helpful yet fun learning tool to help us understand how different groups traded with one another. It gives us a really good idea of how trade during the time period was executed." - Brett Wethington

"The Silk Road trading activity was a hands on way for us to learn more about the Silk Road and how it works. By acting as members of certain empires, we were able to better understand the limitations on trade and how difficult it is to negotiate when you're in desperate need of a purchase or a sell. Doing this activity was fun and a nice change in the course of the class and it brought out certain traits of competitiveness that we don't always seen in one another." - Jordan Randolph

"The Silk Road trading activity gave us students a really good visual of how trade during the classical era worked. This activity was very interactive and was not just like any old boring class lecture. It gave us the opportunity to get up and talk to others in our class. Overall this activity was enjoyable and informative!" - Lauryn Florey

Cultural Extravaganza

Giving the students at Western Boone an opportunity to learn about new cultures and read their literature is something English teacher Miss. Martin has embraced since she started at Western Boone. Each year, 7th grade students take part in Cultural Day where they get to read stories, eat food, and take part in activities from across the globe.

"Cultural Day is becoming one of my favorite activities with 7th graders! It's fun to see them analyze all of the short stories from around the world, and then learn more about those different countries." - Miss Martin

"I thought that it was very fun - mostly with the virtual reality. It was neat to see things from other cultures." - Alan Adams

"My favorite thing about Cultural Day was trying the foods. My least favorite was Vegamite, but I liked the wafers." - Jacob Miller-Robidou

"It was funny when we were dancing in India and it was interesting trying the new foods." - Kiley Warren

"I had never done anything like it before and it was kind of thrilling because you didn't know what was going to be in the next country." - Lilli Porter

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's.... Mr. Compton!

When the storms cleared and the teams took the field, everyone was wondering which WeBo staff member was going to jump out of a plane to deliver the homecoming game ball. Assistant Principal Jon Compton was that person. With the game ball strapped to his chest and a parachute on his back, Mr. Compton jumped from the plane and landed on the field to roaring applause.

"It was awesome!" - Mr. Compton

"Thank you to all of our sponsors who supported the incredible opportunity to parachute the game ball in for homecoming as well as honor our country with a tremendous rendition of our national anthem by our choir paired up with flag parachutes. Our sponsors included Scott and Angie Morton, Chip McMann, Bill Riegel, Todd Braskma, Tom Garrity and Doug Pedigo." - Mr. Dexter

"Mr. Compton jumping out of a plane to deliver the game ball was a monumental experience. Game scores aside, The Webo Stars definitely won best school spirit that night." - Peyton Pitman

"IT WAS GREAT! He's brave. I definitely would never have done that." - McCyah Hawkins

"Watching Mr. Comption was a site to see. It was a fun thing for all of my friends and I to watch. We were clapping and cheering wildly!! I bet Frankfort was a little jealous and amazed to see us go out of our way to set up that, but what can I say, Webo is all about football!" - Aizlinn Baxter

"While Mr. Compton was falling from the sky, I was singing the Star Spangled Banner with the rest of Star Voices and we got to see Mr. Compton land with the game ball. It was very exciting to have the opportunity to celebrate our country while doing something I love, singing. Mr. Compton is an uplifting and respectful man and I am proud to have him as a vice principal. This will be an experience that I will never forget. Thank you for making this happen. Best homecoming yet!" - Katherine Collins

"I think it was extremely impressive. The crowd was waiting to see who it was, I had a feeling it was Mr. Compton because he wasn't there after school and he normally is. It was really neat to see him jump out of the plane, it was an excellent night over all." - Angel Neese

"Mr. Compton looked like a soaring butterfly." - Konner Batts

"The entire thing was like a strange amalgamation of American Patriotism and excess and it was altogether really cheesy, yet delightfully sincere and fun" - Bailey Runyan

"When Mr Compton jumped out I thought I was dreaming. The fans loved it and so did I, that was the most fun thing we have ever done in my opinion." - Autumn Ryan

"The fans were cheering so loud that I bet Mr. Compton could hear it from miles up." - Cassie Reader

"I thought that it was one of the coolest things that I have ever witnessed at a football game. I thought it was going to be Darrell. I have never heard of a school vice principal to jump out of a plane to deliver the game ball, which I thought was just the coolest." - Logan Barker

"It was jaw dropping, astonishing, outstanding! It was more than I expected. The fans were going crazy about it. I have never seen anyone fly out of the sky in a parachute live. Everyone was just astonished to see Compton jump out of a plane onto the football field with the game ball. I was speechless!" - Gage Griffith

"When I first heard about a staff member jumping out of an airplane, I thought it was a joke, until I saw it on the announcements. Everyone started guessing on who it would be and they all said Darrell. I didn't think it was him because I remember how he said that he was not a heights person. At the game on Friday when we saw Mr. Compton jump out of the plane and land it was awesome! Everyone was screaming and cheering him on, and it was the most exciting event I've been to at this school." - Mikayla Smith

"I loved how after he landed he got up immediately and started celebrating." - Jackson Alexander

"When I found out it was Compton, I was confused. Everyone was saying Darrell, but it was amazing and I'm happy I went." - Brayton McClaine

"It was insane but cool. He must of had a great time." - Tyler Koch

"It is pretty neat that our school will allow staff and students to do activities that are out of the norm yet really cool and inspiring for everyone. I knew that it had to be Compton because most often he is the first to do something different for the school. It was a great experience and I hope that our school continues to do cool stuff to support school spirit." - Riley DeLong

"That was the best time ever, especially for being my second year as a football manager. At first I thought Darrell was jumping, but when I saw Compton land I was very shocked and I think that had to be a very fun experience." - Timothy Gillihan

"At first, everyone thought Darrell, our custodian, would be jumping out of the plane. Then, fans were ecstatic when they saw it was Mr. Compton. Having someone jump off of a plane to deliver the game ball for homecoming was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Watching this happen right in front of my eyes was an extremely cool experience! The game ball should be delivered like this every homecoming from now on!" - Molly Crawford

"It was exciting to find out who it was that was jumping out of the plane. I found it amazing when he jumped to deliver the ball. It was an extremely creative way to enter the football field. That was an event I will remember for a long time." - Jennah El-Shahat

"I think Mr. Compton jumping out of an airplane looked cool! The crowd was going wild, the parents were yelling and cheering them on and the cheerleaders were shaking there pom poms. Some people were taking video and everyone else was tossing little pieces of paper everywhere. I knew Mr. Compton was going to jump out of the airplane because when I got on Twitter I saw a lot of people voting for Mr. Compton." - Avalynn Hankins

"I thought it was awesome that he was jumping out of the plane. students of the school were cheering and trying to find out who it was. I thought it was going to be Mr. Compton because he wasn't were he usually was at the game." - Lucas O'Brien

"Mr. Compton was incredibly brave! The fans were so wild and amazed." - Alexis Leo

"Seeing him jump was awesome. I'd like to see it become a home coming tradition." - Elijah McClaine

"Everyone in the crowd thought it'd be Darrell, and we were going crazy. It was unbelievable and probably the best thing we've ever done for homecoming. Props to Compton though, it just shows how much he cares for the school to do something like that." - Colton Chatman

"Seeing Mr. Compton jumping out of a plane was not only dramatic, but also exhilarating. It gave me a great sense of pride for our school that one of our administrators would have the courage to do that. Webo has always been a great place, but the administrators and staff make it a very special school to attend." - Madison Williams

Counselor's Corner

A lot has happened for students in the last month. During September, our school counseling department focused activities on helping students prepare for their futures. Our 10th grade students attended a Manufacturing Day in Indianapolis featuring a variety of activities and speakers to learn about careers in Manufacturing. Our 8th graders prepared for and attended the JobSpark job fair in Indianapolis, where they learned from more than 100 area employers. Our 7th grade students had a NEAT (New and Emerging Automation Technology) experience with hands-on activities brought to Western Boone. Our 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students also completed career interest inventories during our new Quarterly Counseling Block, and our seniors have submitted over 140 college applications as well as researching military and area employment options. We hope that we can spark a new interest by providing these experiences for our students!

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