The Safe Food Handler

ServSafe Chapter 3 By: Brandon Davis

How do food handlers can contaminate food?

There are many ways a food handler can contaminate food such as the following:

-If he/she has a foodborne illness

-If he/she has wounds that contain a pathogen

-They have been in contact of a person who is sick

-Sneeze or cough near food

Steps of hand washing

This process should take at least 20 seconds

1) Wet hands and arms

2) Apply soap

3) Scrub hands

4) Rinse hands and arms

5) Dry hands and Arms

When should food handlers wash their hands?

Food handlers should was their hands after:

-Taking out the trash

-Handling money

-Leaving and returning to the kitchen/prep area

-Touching anything else that may contaminate hands

Hand care & Work attire

Hand care:

-Fingernails must be short and clean

-Do not wear fake nails or nail polish

Work Attire:

Food handlers must wear clean clothes and must not wear any jewelry because wearing jewelry could contaminate food.

Food handlers need to remove aprons when leaving food-prep areas and must wear a hat or hair restraint

Single use gloves

Bare hand contact with ready to eat food should be avoided.

When should you change your gloves?

-soon as they get dirty

-before beginning a different task

-after an interruption

-after handling raw produce meats, seafood, ect.

Always wear gloves when handling food at a High Risk operation such as Hospitals, daycare and nursing homes.


-Blow into gloves

-wash and reuse gloves

-never put on gloves without washing your hands

Handling Staff Illnesses

If a staff member has been vomiting & diarrhea should be excluded (Dismiss) the staff member and may return to work if the staff member has no symptoms for 24 hours or a written release from a medical practitioner.

If a staff member has a sore throat & fever should be Restricted (Do not work with food) and must stay away from the prep-area

If an employee is experiencing jaundice, you must exclude the employee and should report to the Regulatory Authority Department or Health Department


1: After which activity must food handlers wash their hands?

a) putting on gloves

b) serving customers

c) applying hand antiseptic

d) cleaning tables

2: Which piece of jewelry can be worn on a food handlers hand or arm?

a) watch

b) diamond ring

c) Plain band ring

d) medical bracelet

3: When is it acceptable to eat in an operation?

a) when prepping food

b) when washing dishes

c) when sitting in a break room

d) when handling utensils