GEAC Independent Study Review

Becca Hempe


Over the course of the semester in my independent study of world cultures, I have developed my own lesson plans and projects for studying various culture around the world. This class I took is working towards my Global Education Achievement Certificate program that I am completing this year. I will one of the first students ever at Pulaski High School to graduate with this prestigious certificate. I tied in the requirements for the GEAC with what I worked on in my independent study. I touched on various cultures and various aspects such as Australian art and Latin American music to Middle Eastern literature. This class of mine was a great educational opportunity to learn and understand different cultures and expand the horizons of my mind. I am proud to say that I worked hard and learned many new things and that I am a global scholar. I plan to continue to study and learn more about the different cultures of the world and hopefully get to travel and experience it first hand.

Community Service

  • I Rebecca Hempe have volunteered over 50 hours of service to the Red Cross organization by volunteering at and organizing the Pulaski High School’s blood drives with the student council. With verification of these hours over the past three years by the advisor Mr. Triphan.

Clubs and Activities

  • National Honor Society
  • Spanish Club
  • Leo Club
  • Environmental Club
  • Mentored a foreign exchange student at PHS (2013-2014)

Classes I've Taken

  • World History
  • Choir
  • 4 years of Spanish (1-4)
  • A.P. Human Geography
  • Advanced English 11
  • Independent Study of World Cultures

Books I've Read and Reviewed

  • I Am Nujood: Age 10 and Divorced
  • Ask Me No Questions
  • The House on Mango Street
  • Border Crossing

Movies I've Watched and Reviewed

  • Hotel Rwanda
  • The Color of Friendship
  • Under the Same Moon

Art and Music Reviews

  • Art: Australian Surrealism
  • Music: Salsa
  • Music: Flamenco