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We Need Your Help: Morning Drop-Off and Arriving on Time During Winter Weather and Lower Temperatures

January and February are the coldest months of the school year here at Bledsoe! As a result, our regular and large group of walkers are more likely to become car riders for arrival each morning. With larger amounts of families choosing to drop off their children in the carpool lanes, we have a need to review some of our procedures when it comes to morning arrival.

Below are a few helpful tips to help improve our morning drop-off to ensure everything go smoothly for students, staff, and parents. As always, safety is our TOP priority when it comes to arrival and dismissal. We GREATLY appreciate your support and cooperation to ensure our morning arrival process is the best it can be!

1. Consider leaving ten minutes earlier than you normally leave your home. With larger amounts of cars participating in the carpool and HOV lanes, traffic backs up which can cause your child to be late to their classroom and miss part of their morning class meeting that starts promptly at 7:45 a.m.

2. If your child is able to open their own car door to exit your vehicle, please encourage them to do so once your car is at a complete stop. This will help speed up the process for those waiting in line to get to school on time. It also helps if kids are ready to exit the vehicle before you enter the drop-off zone (backpacks and jackets ready to go).

3. SAFETY (non-negotiable) - In order to ensure each child's safety, we ask they ONLY exit on the side of the vehicle closest to the sidewalk (passenger side). We understand that you may have car seats, or young siblings also in the car; however, this policy is to ensure no child exits into a traffic lanes where other vehicles could be passing by. Every child is precious to us; it's just not worth the risk.

4. Remember, school starts at 7:45 a.m. Students are welcome to enter their classrooms as early as 7:30 a.m. and begin unpacking, completing morning work, and preparing to participate in the class meeting once the bell rings. If your child/ren arrives between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m., they are welcome to wait in the Cafe until they can enter their classrooms. We have staff members monitoring students before school daily.

5. Bledsoe staff members are outside by 7:25 a.m. to support morning drop-off at our HOV lane (3 or more students) and in the back of the school. Please consider dropping your child/ren off earlier to avoid traffic as the line gets longer the closer it gets to 7:45 a.m.

6. Consider carpooling with a neighbor or friend to avoid longer lines. The HOV lane at the front of the school is a perk for having 3+ children in the car!

7. If you have less than 3 students in your vehicle, please use our standard carpool lanes that wrap around the building and drop off near our playground.

8. Please be mindful of your driving speed, watchful of crossing guards guiding walkers, and refrain from using cell phones in a school zone.

Again, we appreciate your support and cooperation when it comes to our busy winter months and morning arrival. Our staff brave the cold each morning, rain or shine, to ensure your children are safe. We appreciate you making a few adjustments to your morning routine and partnering with us to make certain arrival is safe and efficient!

3GStrong - Classroom Meeting Update

This week, our Bledsoe 3GStrong focus was on GRIT, GRACE and GROWTH MINDSET.

Growth Mindset is the idea that failure isn’t the end in learning. That FAIL = First Attempt In Learning. It’s the knowledge that our brain is supposed to be worked like a muscle. Learning is a process. Practice is planned failure that helps us grow. Just like you tear your muscle fibers on purpose by working them hard when you work out to get stronger muscles, you must put forth effort to engage your prefrontal cortex and grow your brain. Growth mindset encompasses GRIT and GRACE to have success.

Grit, a trait characterized by passion and perseverance, is what sets us up for success. It’s what helps one to be successful when one encounters a First Attempt In Learning. It’s looking at whatever you’re passionate about and sticking to it like glue.

Grace, a trait characterized by forgiveness and flexibility, is what allows us to look at a First Attempt In Learning, evaluate, accept and create a new plan for success.

One of the things that parents can do to help develop this “growth mindset” is to allow children to solve their own problems with some guiding questions. Here are some ways you can talk to your child to encourage a growth mindset and teach grit and grace:

  1. Praise what your child does, not how smart they are or how talented they are. Avoid praising grades. Praise work ethic and effort. Praise your child when they show work ethic and show perseverance when they face challenges.

  2. Start using the word “YET” when your child says they aren’t good at something or don’t understand something. They CAN if they want to even though they may not know how or be good at it YET.

  3. Don’t compare success with others. Achievement isn’t a competition.

  4. Don’t blame genetics. Remind your child we can change their brain just like we can change our muscles… positively or negatively.

  5. Point out when you learn something from a failed attempt.

  6. Let your child fail. It hurts less now and they learn when they have their own experiences. Parents should be a sounding board with questions to help them grow. Here are some examples:

What are you challenging yourself to do?

How are you thinking about solving that problem?

What strategy are you going to use now?

What was really challenging today?

What can you learn from this?

Keep in mind you’re always modeling behavior so make sure YOU have a growth mindset too!

Valentine's Day Party

Each year our school is involved with a service project during our Valentine's Day party to teach our children the importance to give to others. This year we are excited that their Valentine's Day Party will be held during their specials time where they will participate in Jump Rope for Heart. Your child will receive more information about Jump Rope for Heart after our school kick off on January 25th. PTA has purchased jump ropes and yoga mats to help with both the party as well as future physical education classes. We are asking for parents to not attend the Valentine's Day Service Project/Party.

Students will have a special time in their class to socialize with their classmates and exchange Valentine's Day cards with one another. This is such a great time for students to grow socially and create special memories within their classroom.

We will have a larger End of Year party as well as Field day later this year that we would love for you to attend. Thank you for your continued partnership.

It is that time again... Val-o-Gram time!

Student Council sells Val-o-Grams each year as a fundraiser and uses the proceeds to give back to our school. Each Val-o-Gram costs $1 and will include a message from you and four Hersey Kisses. If you would like to purchase Val-o-grams, please return the pre-order form that was sent home. Pre-order forms are due by February 2nd. Please DO NOT send in money with pre-order forms. Once you receive the Val-o-Gram cards, please write the messages and return cards with the cash or check. We will attach the Kisses and deliver them to the correct classrooms. Thank you for supporting our Bledsoe Student Council!

Bledsoe STAAR Report Card

Below you will find a copy of the State of Texas 2016–17 School Report Card for Bledsoe. This is a report required by the Texas Legislature and prepared by the Texas Education Agency. The School Report Cards can be found online at A more complete report about [name of school], the Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR), is available by contacting my office or can be accessed online at

Lost and Found

Please look for any lost items in Lost and Found! We will be sending any clothes not picked up by the end of February to Frisco Family Services.

Thank you!

2017-2018 Yearbook Sale

Please visit the link below to place yearbook orders for your child/ren. The yearbook price is now increased to $20.

Important Dates

January 15th - MLK Day (Student and Staff Holiday)

January 16th - Palio's Spirit Night

January 18th - Report Card Day

January 19th - Celebration of Learning & Sip N Snips

January 26th - PTA Reflections Recognized during GMB

February 14th - Valentine Service Party Jump Rope for Heart

February 16th - Diverse-Ability Day

February 19th - No School President's Day

February 22nd PTA Student Program - Sky Dome

February 23rd PTA Student Program - Sky Dome

February 23rd Bledsoe Choir Performs at the Legends Game