Also known as: Barbarelli, Giorgio; DaCastelfranco

The Basic Facts

Born: 1477,Castelfranco Italy

Died: October 24th,1510,Venice Italy (from the plague)

Nationality: Italian

Occupation: Artist (painter)

Fun Facts

  • Not much is known about his parents
  • Moved to Venice at a young age and began to teach himself
  • Became a student of Giovanni Bellini in 1490, and joined his workshop to work alongside many other brilliant artists.
  • Had a very mysterious career due to not having many signed works.
  • Rumored to be incredibly handsome, open-hearted, kind, passionate lover and extremely tall.
  • Despite much research, many scholars still are not sure of Giorgione's patrons

Some of Giorgione's Artwork

Madonna with Saint Francis and Liberale (1500-1504)

The piece of art is of a woman sitting on a high thrown holding a child. Two figures stand by her feet. Saint Francis and Saint Liberale The landscape behind the people is of a field, and further back, mountains.

  • -Isms found in the piece- Idealism (shown through the perfect posture and appearance of the figures. The thrown is somewhat symmetrical and makes a triangle between the three people. It is also simple and clear, everything is in order and without flaw). Perspectivism (The scene has a single vanishing point in the background. The picture shows depth, giving a 3D appearance to everything and everyone in the painting). Naturalism (Even though this is the opposite of idealism, some elements of it are shown through the light, texture and color Giorgione is famous for using.)
  • I find it interesting that Giorgione lengthened the throne to purposely make a triangle between the three people. He defied the normal expectations of that time and art style to create something new and meaningful. He combined a mellow landscape and dreamlike contemplative attitude of the people to create what some people call the Giorgionesque mood created by him.
  • This painting can be found in Giorgiones home town in Cathedral of Castelfranco Veneto.

Art Style and Influences

  • Created mood through color, light and atmosphere
  • Incorporated real world elements
  • Loved Nature
  • Strong geometric references in structures
  • Paintings felt whimsical and dreamlike


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