Mrs. LeCroy's and Ms. Spencer's Class - December 6

Class Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Wednesday December 12th is the final day that we can have three of the same dates in a row. (12-12-12)

Cookie Dough Money Due - Friday, Dec. 14

Field Study to see Nutcracker at Winthrop - Friday, Dec. 14

Last Day of School before Break - Wednesday, Dec. 19

Colonial Christmas - Wednesday, Dec. 19


In math the class is doing hands on equations. Also in math, the class is doing multiplication tests.  We have one minute to answer twelve questions. Solina was the first one to get her multiplication license. The runner up was Timothy.  Now Reagan, Christian, Caroline, Payton, Carter, Tyler, and Honley have their license.  Congratulations on earning your license!


In reading the class is working on a research project.  We are reading books that we pick out to make a book with nonfiction text features. The class is also writing questions about the topic that they picked. At the first part of the week we were looking for websites that has information about our topic.


In writing we are working on three different projects. The first thing we are working on is Kid Blog. Kid Blog is a website where kids can publish their writing and have kids all over the world see it.  In writing we are also writing descriptive stories about snow.  Speaking of snow the secret word is: snowball!  We are getting trapped at school for a week, at our dream vacation place and having to stay for three extra days, or at home for four days without power. Oh yeah that reminds me, we are also learning to use similes in our writing.  The third project is a book about a topic that we are interested in.


In science we are learning about the changes in matter.  The states of matter are liquid, solid, and gas.  We are learning about the different ways matter changes.  It can jump from one of the states of matter to another. We learned about sublimation (solid changes to a gas without changing to a liquid, like dry ice).  Deposition means it changes from a gas to a solid, like frost.  We are also learning about mass and volume.  We made a foldable about matter (liquid, solid, gas, mass, volume, deposition, and sublimation).  We even said some examples of a liquid, solid, and gas.  We are also learning about conductors and insulators.

Social Studies

In social studies we are learning about what led up to the Revolutionary war.  We also learned about all the different kinds of groups of people (patriots, loyalist, women, enslaved African Americans, and free African Americans).  We even learned about why the colonist payed taxes, to pay for the French and Indian war and to keep the colonist safe.  We also learned how the British attacked Charles Town (Charleston) fort called Fort Moultrie. It was made of palmetto logs so the cannon balls bounced off or got stuck. The first battle in SC was in Sullivan's Island.  The colonists met in the second continental congress and put George Washington in charged of the continental army. 
This week's newsletter was written by Payton Biggs, Chloe Johnson, and Christian Notarangelo.