Dimitri Mendeleev

The Father of the Periodic Table

Who is Dimitri Mendeleev?

He was the creator of the Periodic Table. Mendeleev predicted the existence and properties of new chemical elements.

Dmitri Mendeleev: Great Minds

The Periodic Table of the Elements

He also created the way the periodic table looks like. He put them into rows called Periods, and columns called groups.

The 3 main catagories are metals, nonmetals, and metalloids (properties of metals and nonmetals)

Mendeleev's Periodic Table

The Periodic Table:

  • lists each element in order of their atomic number
  • elements with similar properties fall in the same column
  • put into groups and periods

The periodic table has alkali metals, alkali-earth metals, transition metals, halogens, and noble gases.

In conclusion

Dimitri Mendeleev is the founder and creator of the periodic table. He first organized and arranged the periodic table