Welcome to Craven County, NC

Austin Pascoe

Craven County history

My name is craven county. I was founded in 1712. Whoah im old. i was discovered by English colonist. However i was named after a guy named William Earl of Craven. This guy was one of the first lord proprietors of the province in NC. William live from 1606 to 1697. Fun for tourist-. The 20th century has also brought a strong military presence back to Craven County with the establishment of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. Progressive, forward-looking accomplishments can be seen in the areas of facility development, accessibility of services, economic development, conservation/environment, and the ability to operate with mobility and flexibility.

Board of commissioners

There are seven people on my board. In a county commission form of government, a body of elected commissioners serves both the executive and the legislative duties, meaning they enact local ordinances and administer them. Jack B. Veit III is My county manager.