How Far Canoe Read?

February I Love to Read Month Activities at Avon Elementary

Parents make it happen!!

Thanks for participating in "I Love to Read" month with your child! Our theme of “How Far Canoe Read” will take us from the headwaters of the MIssissippi to the Gulf of Mexico. We have designed several all-school activities. With your help this will be a great way to increase our students' love for reading and have some fun!

Who will lead the race??

On Mondays, a reading record sheet will be given to each student to keep track of home reading minutes. Each minute read equals one-fourth mile. The following Monday, your students' minutes/miles will be added to the class total and the class canoes will move down the Mississippi accordingly. The team who is the farthest each week will have an extra recess time during either their Media or Computer time. An image of the Mississippi River has been placed outside the office with a canoe for each class to track progress.Teachers will also add minutes to their classroom total to encourage student engagement. SPED/Intervention/Specialists will be a team; EA’s will be on a team; Office Staff/Custodial and Kitchen Staff will be a team as well!

Reaching the Gulf...

Once your child's class reaches the Gulf they earn a 30 minute “Game Day” in the Media Center. The students are welcome to bring their favorite board/card game from home. Your child's teacher will let you know when this happens.

Whole School Read-In

On February 29th, we will have a “Whole School Read-In. ” This may consist of students, teachers, and staff wearing PJs and "cozying" up with a book to read all over the building from 1:20-2:20PM. Stay tuned for more details!

Check in on our progress via Twitter #avonlearns and Albany Area School's Facebook page