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Tuesday Tech Tip

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

Tuesday Tech Tip

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

About ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

Turn your iPads into an interactive whiteboard!

Record your own voice-over whiteboard tutorials and share them online or have students create their own.

To see examples of smart, entertaining, fun, and inspirational ShowMe’s that other people have made, check out ShowMe.com.


The ShowMe Story - HD


  • Begin recording your ShowMe as soon as you open the app—no need to navigate complicated menus
  • Drop images from your photo library to write over or around
  • Easily switch between drawing and erasing (as well as pausing and playing) to make your ShowMe flow from concept to concept
  • You can make your ShowMe as long or as short as it needs to be, and record as many ShowMe’s as you want. Go nuts!
  • Once you’re finished recording, upload your ShowMe to share with the community (or keep it private if you prefer)
  • Discover awesome tutorials created by the community at ShowMe.com
I use ShowMe for daily math lessons. I am quickly able to check for understanding by listening to students describe their own learning ~ Cara Spitzmiller