All About Me

Wasim Ayube

who am I

Hello i am Wasim Ayube, i am 15 years old and live in Brampton, Ontario. I was born in Brampton and have lived here my entire life. I have two siblings one older sister and one younger brother. I enjoy many things more specifically I like to play soccer and go on my computer. the things i like to do on my computer vary from watching you tube videos to playing games. i also enjoy playing FIFA and COD on my PS4. my favorite rapper is 2pac and i also like the group NWA. my favourite soccer player is Messi and i think he is the best in the world.


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first PC

2015 _ when i was 15 i got my first PC form my father
FIFA 15 luck


  1. My Family. just like any one else one of the things most dear to me is my family. this is because they are always there for me.
  2. My computer. this is one of my favorite things because i am always on it and it helps me do a lot of different task.
  3. Money. i like money a lot, this is because it helps me get what i want, and i can use it for many things such as my wants and helping other people.

My leadership style (leader as a teller)

i am a leader as a teller. Some points in my life were i demonstrated this is almost every time i go onto my PS4. Every time i go one my PS4 i usually play a game called Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies, this game demonstrates my leadership as a teller because during these game we have certain obstacles we have to overcome and i usually just tell everyone what to do while i get money that i later use on my self

My Influences

One of my influences is my Father. he is one of My influences because i know for a fact he started with nothing, but somehow worked his way up from being poor and having nothing, to a middle classed man with an Education. this influences me because i know he went through it all so when he gives me advice I always listen and try my best to understand what he is telling me because I know it is for my best interest.

The external factors that has shaped my character is my family, considering I am always around them I have been shaped to act like them and think like them. this is the same for my internal factors.

my friends have influenced me in one big way. when I was younger i would always be nice to everyone even if they were rude, but i soon learned from my friends that people will be rude so i shouldn't let myself get stepped on.

My role model

My role model is Adolf Hitler. Although Hitler had done a lot of bad things while he was alive those are not the reason I have him as my role model. Hitler is my role model because i admire the way he went from a man who could not even give a speech without stuttering to a man who was followed by millions that believed what he said. Hitler practiced his speeches throughout the nights to perfect himself and with that hard work and determination he became the leader of Germany. I believe that if i work hard enough and practice what ever i am doing I can become what ever i want.

My Future

The job i want to get when im older is a family doctor. the reason i want this job is so i can help people that are sick and make a good amount of money. I plan on getting this job by trying hard in school and getting high marks especially in science and maths. I also plan on getting this job by volunteering in hospitals and someday volunteering at a clinic

Family symbols

Lionel Messi Amazing Goal Humiliation Boateng by CHAWALI

Personality Test Results

Learning Styles Test:

Visual 38% Auditory 33% Kinesthetc 30%

After taking the test my learning style was mostly visual. the summary said that i learn best by watching something being demonstrated and by taking a lot of detailed notes. To me this was 100% correct. in almost all of the classes i put work into i sit up front and write down every note that is given. i also like when a teacher does a demonstration and also comes around to help me when needed. the surveys results also told me that i am 33% audible which includes talking to myself while studying. this was also accurate because that is something that i constantly do while studying. the results also said I WAS kinisthetic which is something i disagree on although i do learn by doing things and touching things such as when i was building my first computer, i do not usually take breaks while i am working as they suggested.

Personality Test:

Personality Type is INTJ

I believe this was correct because i do strive to learn new things and always try to master the things i do know how to do. the survey also states that the INTJs are so rationalized that sometimes people feel they are being cold. this actually happens to me a lot because i am just doing and acting how i think some situations should be handled some people think I am being cold hearted but i just really see things how they are and without sympathy.

Interests Test:

Your Interest Type is THE SENSEI (IS)

The survey stated that my interest type is like a sensei. i believe this is correct because i do like learning new things. it also stated that a sensei is patient which is something i am, and a sensei likes to teach people using his knowledge which is something i also do when people are in need. the sensei is someone who wants to help people and i want to become a doctor so i can help people.

Knowledge Test:

Your Top Subject Area Is SCIENCE

this survey stated that my top subject is science this is 100% correct because my top course this semester is science. in science this semester i am getting my highest mark which makes this survey accurate. i am passionate about my science mark because when i am older i want to be a doctor.this survey also stated that gym is my second top course which is 100% correct. this semester i believe my second highest mark is in gym.this survey also stated that i like computers and understand them which is true because one of my hobbies is building good computers.

Motivations Test:

Your Top Motivation Factor Is RELATIONSHIPS

this survey stated that i like to work with people and make relationships. this is true because i do value friendship and honesty which is also what the survey stated. the survey also stated that i like to achieve something that has been accomplished through hard work which is also true although i do not mind getting things early and with out hard work. the survey stated that the best job for me would be a doctor which is the job i want to get when I am older.

Multiple Intelligence: Intrapersonal strength

The strongest MI i have is my intrapersonal strength, the second strongest is my logical strength, the third is my Existential strength, the fourth is my Naturalist strength, the fifth is my Interpersonal strength, the sixth is my Kinesthetic strength, the seventh is my Verbal strength, the eighth is my Visual strength, the ninth is my musical strength. Honestly i was not surprised with the results of my MI, this is exactly how i pictured it would be. The strongest MI i have is my intrapersonal strength and i feel this is accurate because i know myself and understand myself very well. The weakest MI i had was my musical strength and i believe this is accurate because i don't like learning or doing anything when it comes to music. I was not surprised with the order the MI was put in because it seems accurate to me i am a logical person and understand myself and those were the two at the top, i cant play music and dislike doing work when it comes to music and that was at the bottom of the list for my MI.

Knowing that intrapersonal strength is my strongest MI i will use it to help me learn more. Knowing about myself and being able to understand myself will help me learn because i know what i like, what interest me, and what my ambitions are. These three things can help me understand what i'm doing and help me set proper goals that i can follow to become successful. Also knowing that my second strongest MI is logical strength i can use logic to help myself and other people round me understand situations from both views.

True Colours Test: Responsible Gold

For the true color test the result was that i was a responsible gold. I believe this was an accurate conclusion. i say that because as the test said i do have a need for structure and organization because those are two things that i need in order to get things done. the test also stated that i always plan ahead which is also a true assumption because when ever i have homework or projects i always plan on how long they will take me and try to spread them out so i can get every thing done without having to stress myself out. For security i dont really care if what I am doing is dangerous but in the context of finishing work and being secure that i will finish then i have to agree that i do need security in that way.

just as the survey stated i believe i am very loyal and dont usually turn my back and scum people that are close to me. I also believe i am responsible but only for certain things such as finishing my homework or meeting deadlines other things such as cleaning my room or making my bed usually get me in trouble because i do not act responsibly when it comes to the situations. i usually do respect authoritative figure but at the same time i never let myself get walk on or used, if i feel i am being targeted i will act and not respect and listen to authoritative figures if they do not show respect back. when it comes to following the rules i almost always do unless they are wrong or are putting me in bad situations.