All About the Pyramids

Who built the pyramids?
Egyptologists Mark Lehner and Zahi are the two people who were taught to built the Pyramid. They Built the Pyramid to represent the Egyptian after life. The laborer's made the Pyramid by hand, by using tools to make the blocks for the Pyramid. There were at least 100,000 laborers that built the Pyramid. When the laborers were getting the stone and putting into the pyramids, it would take at least 12 men to carry a one and half ton stone onto making the pyramids.

Inside the Pyramid
The chambers is made out of granite, in which it is cover in 60 square meters. The walls of the chamber of each of the blocks of granite would weigh at least 50 tons, and it would be hard and too heavy to carry the stones. Inside of the Grand Gallery of the King's Chamber, it is made an stepped effect in the halls and the roof that was like steps as an architecture, The shafts of the chambers were most likely to let the air flow into the Kings and Queens chambers. In the Queen's chamber, it is more smaller than that King's chamber, and it located under the King's Chamber. The underground chamber would be the thought of an oldest chamber, but it is not fully completed and have very little oxygen into the chamber. The underground chamber has a low oxygen's level to breathe or even burn a lantern, so the underground chamber was never completed because the possible of the oxygen level.


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