The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

chris boggs


The text structure helps define the characterization of Walter Mitty as a shy and timid man.
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He will not stand up for himself

When he is talking to his wife he does not say what is on his mind.Another example of how he will not stand up for himself is when he gos into his day dreams,trying to excape his real life and running away from his problems.
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Walter lacks confidence

He shows how he lacks confidents when he gets yelled at by the parkinglot attendent."Wrong lane Mac,said the parkinglot attendent,as helooked at mitty closely".
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Gets pushed around

He shows how people push him around by when his wife tells him to wait in the rain,and without putting up a fight he stand there in the rain and waits for his wife to get back.
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Because of his lack of confidence, how he gets pushed around and how he wont stand up for himself shows and defines his shy and timidness.
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