Early Intervention Services

In need of early intervention services? Well look no further

Sunday Days

One North Belfield Avenue

Havertown Pa



Provides services such as ABA, physical, speech and occupational therapy. Also special instruction, social skills group and psychological services.

Kencrest (Delaware County Office)

5100 State Road

Drexel Hill Pa 19129



Provides services such as special instruction, occupational and speech therapy.

For services call the Kencrest office, then an assessment is provided free of charge. After reviewing assessment, an individualized plan is then set up.


401 Rutgers Ave

Swathmore Pa 19081



Provides services such as speech, physical and occupational therapy.

For services call the department of human services in Upper Darby Pennsylvania. Initial evaluations will take place and services will be provided if necessary after evaluations are assessed.

Elwyn/Elwyn Seedlings

111 Elwyn Road

Elwyn Pa 19063



Provided services are special instruction, nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy.

For services call and make an appointment for an evaluation. If needed actions will be taken afte evaluation is assessed.

DCIU-Delaware County Intermediate Unit

Education Service Center

200 Yale Avenue

Morton Pa 19070



Provides services such as physical, occupational and speech and language therapy. Also social work, vision and psychological services.

For services contact DCIU and they will have a packet sent to you to fill out and return. The packet will be reviewed and if needed further assessments will be done by professionals. Then an IEP will be created by the professionals and the family outlining the services that the child will need and be provided with.