Who is Quentin Moore?

Who am I?

  • What's your name and Where do you go to school?

My name is Quentin Moore and I attend South Cobb High School.

  • What is your current grade in school?

I am currently a senior (12th Grade)

  • What is your favorite subject in school?

History is my favorite subject.

  • What are your career aspirations?

I one day hope to become a lawyer.

  • Why are you taking this course?

Because I wanted to experience a new form of learning.

  • What are your course expectations?

I expected to be challenged on a completely different level.

  • Have you taken other classes online or with GAVS?

No, this is my first online class ever.

  • What are your favorites (i.e. movies, books, music, etc.)?

My favorite movie is Do the Right Thing.

  • Which college are you planning to attend? etc

I would really like to attend Syracuse University or Northwestern University.

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