List 4 Smore

Jennifer Moffett


  1. Stoic: Showing no emotion especially when something bad is happening
  2. Notorious: Well-known or famous, especially for something bad
  3. Amiable: Friendly and pleasant
  4. Peruse: To look at or read in an informal or relaxed way

Word Origins and Part of Speech

  1. Stoic
  • POS: adjective
  • Origin: Greek

2. Notorious

  • POS: Adjective
  • Origin: Latin

3. Amiable

  • POS: Adjective
  • Origin: Latin

4. Peruse

  • POS: Verb
  • Origin: Middle English and Latin

Sentences and Images

I enjoy perusing the newspaper on a Sunday morning.

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The Spartans were known for their great stoicism when facing battle and impossible odds.

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This emoji has an amiable look on its face.

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Al Capone was one of America's most notorious gangsters.

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