By: Ethan Comazzi and Jack Gest

There are 4 types of protist (a kingdom containing protist). These are the 4 types amoeba,euglena,volvox,and paramecium. We defined all 4 types and input pictures of them.


  • Amoeba use a pseudopod to move(False foot)
  • Amoeba live in fresh water
  • They reproduce Asexually
  • They get food through the cell membrane
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  • Flagella is used to move
  • It uses photosynthesis to make food
  • Reproduces Asexually
  • Live in fresh and brakish water
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  • Use a flagella to move
  • Reproduce sexually
  • Uses photosynthesis to make food
  • Live in fresh water
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  • Use cilia to move
  • Eat using an oral groove
  • Live in freshwater
  • They reproduce Asexually
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