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What is revision?

Revision Need-to-Knows

  • Revising is the process of strengthening the organization and development of ideas (content) in an essay.
  • All writers revise their writing to improve the content (i.e., the development of ideas, organizational structure, and connections between ideas).
  • NOTE: Revision does not mean recopying in neater handwriting, running a spell-check, or changing a few words.

In this set of videos, a teacher models how to use a revision guide to revise a sample expository student essay and a literary student essay with active participation from her students. Then, educators discuss the revision demonstration.

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Teaching Kids About Revising (Writing Workshop Lesson)

Coaching Students to Revise

In this article, the authors "provide a list of strategies and activities that instructors can use to teach their students what revision is and how to incorporate it as an essential step in their writing process."

Lesson Plan: Prompting Revision through Modeling and Written Conversations

"This lesson helps students become more comfortable with the revision process, both as writers responding to their peers and as writers engaged in revising their own pieces. Once students watch authors Kate DiCamillo and Debra Frasier revise their own work through online videos, students develop a checklist to help them see what effective writers do to be able to create a well-developed piece of writing. Students are then guided through the process of revising their teacher's work. Later, students communicate their ideas for revision of their peers' work through a written conversation so that peers can remember and reflect upon their thoughts."

from ReadWriteThink:

Multiple Lesson Plan Ideas

Here the authors have created seven lesson ideas for teaching students to analyze and revise written texts, including their own.

from Writing Fix:

Professional Books on Revising