By Claire and Georgia.

What is a Screw?

One type of simple machine is a screw.A screw is similar to a nail,but instead,you turn it over and over again with a screwdriver.A bottle cap is a screw,a different type,when you screw the bottle cap to the top of the bottle,to make sure the liquid inside,won't spill.You may also find screws everywhere,on furniture,to keep things together.A screw is a very useful type of simple machine.

How does a screw make life easier?

A screw is a simple machine that makes life easier. Water could spill if you don't screw the bottle cap on tight enough or at all. A bottle cap is a screw. If you don't screw the bottle cap on tight enough, it gives you more work to do. You have to clean up the mess. Screws can hold wood together so you don't have to. A screw really can make life easier!

A Different kind of screw

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