Code of Ethics

By Jared Ellis


If for example, you break a lamp, you need to be honest and take responsibility for it. Some people would try to lie and blame it on another person or thing. You also need to be honest about when and where you are going. You should not lie to your parents to go somewhere you aren't supposed to.
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Confidentiality is necessary when a friend tells you a secret that they want you to keep. Once a friend of mine told me a very personal secret that I have never told another living person to this day. This restraint is a good indicator that I have great confidentiality. Confidentiality is important because if you have it, people will trust you.
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Responsibilities at school, home, etc.

It is important to complete your responsibilities in school because it affects your future. If you do all of your work, you can graduate and get into a good college which can lead to a good job. If you don't complete your work, you might not even graduate. You also need to do any chores you have to do at home. These chores prepare you for your future life and home.
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Courage is an important thing to have in my opinion. If someone is in trouble, you need courage to help them. But courage isn't just helping someone who is in trouble. You also need courage to stand up for what you believe in. That is why courage is an important trait.

Responsibility to your community

If there is a problem in the community, you should do what you can to help. You should feel a sense of pride when something positive happens in your community. To keep this sense of pride, you can try to help out around the community. You can pick up trash on the streets or mow peoples lawns or wash their cars. If a community is kind enough to let you use their natural resources, the least you can do is help out.