Jean Reno Projet en Francais

Jean Reno


1. Il s'appelle est Jean Reno.

2. Il est 46 ans.

3. Il est de France.

4. Il est un acteur.

5. Il est Francais,

6. Il habite est en Paris et Los Angeles.

7. Il aime la cinema.

8. Il n'aime pas la tennis.

9. Il couleur preferee est rose.

10. Il est sympa, il est intellegent, il est courageux, il est marrant, et il est calme.

11 Il n'est pas gros, il est tres grand, il a les cheveux courts, et il a les yeux brun.

12. Il pore un jeans, un polo, un pantalon noir, et une veste marron.

13. Il look est formal parce que il porte un pantalon noir et un polo.


Factual: Yes. Clothes determine who you are. If you wear shirts that are old, dirty, and have holes all in them, people will assume you don't have a lot of money. On the other hand, if you always wear a nice suit and expensive clothes, people will admire you and think of you as a rich person, therefore, you will appear more powerful, women might like you only for your money, and people will respect you because you appear better than them. If you wear casual clothes, like a simple t-shirt and shorts, people will think of you as the average person. Most of the time you are judged as being laid back, or cool.

Conceptual: We use clothes as an identity by wearing our personality. Most people will wear cloths related to things they like. Someone who is energetic or creative would probably wear bright colored cloths with lots of details, but a sad, gothic person would wear all black, displaying there dark and depressing personality. If someone has a Star Wars or Star Trek type shirt, you would assume they like that type of stuff, so you would probably think they like science fiction stuff. If they wore Indiana Jones or Intense video game shirts, you could tell they like action, and feelings of suspense and excitement.

Debatable: No. Personally I do not think it is right to judge someone by there cloths. Nowadays, kids are judged way to much by what they wear. Unless you wear the newest and coolest cloths there are, you will not be able to be the "cool kids'" friend because they think that you are not as good as they are because you don't have the money to waste on things that you will eventually throw away.

Word Bank

Projet = Project

Préférée = Favorite