Adopt an Element Project by Kaoutar Maachaoui

Basic Information

Atomic Name is Chlorine

Atomic Symbol is Cl

Atomic Number is 17

Atomic Mass is 35.4527

Cost = $0.024 per gram

More about Chlorine

Melting Point is -101.5 degrees Celsius

Boiling Point is -34.04 degrees Celsius

Ionization Energy is 1251.2

Atomic Radius is 72pm

Electronegativity is 3.16

Protons present are 17

Neutrons present are 18

Electrons present are 17

Normal phase is gas

Other Information

Its classification is Nonmetal.



Origin of Name

It comes from a Greek word "chloros", which means green or yellow (a pale green)

Discovery & Date

Discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1774

Chlorine Uses and Interesting Information