LaDaja's Park

New Park

My New Park is New and Fun!

Come to our park!

Opens at 10:00 am

Closes at 7:00 pm

How to get to different places

pool ( 9,11) walking track (7,-18)

kiddy pool (9,-5) pond (-9,-10)

statues (-9,6) train (15,14)

playground ( -8,5) roller coaster (14-3) benches ( 13, -21)

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Shapes here and there.

You can find a rectangle at the pool. You can find a triangle at roller coaster ride.

You can find a square in the train cart.

A hexagon can be found at the train sign. (remember that a hexagon has 6 sides.)

Octagon Lilly pads are in the pond. You can find a trapezoid around a snow cone.

ladaja's field trip!

Thursday, Aug. 28th, 12pm

no location

1.Swimming at the pool.

2.The shape hunt.

3. Roller coaster and the train rides.

4.Walking track.

5. See the statues.

6. Snow cones.

7. Look at the pond.

8. Free time.

Snow cone information.

Flavors: Tiger blood, lime ,grape, peach, blue raspberry, cherry, orange, cotton candy, cherry limeade.

You may also mix flavors for $1 more. Small $2, medium $2.50, large $2.60. Cup or cone.


Pool picture: clip art

Roller coaster: clip art

Park: clip art