Newsletter Week 10 Term 3

Titahi Bay Intermediate School Tuesday 28th September 2021

Principal's Korero

Well here we are after a disrupted term in our final week of learning. Since the move back into Alert Level 2 students are still returning to school. I encourage all whānau to get your young person back to school as learning will continue up to 3.00 p.m. on Friday with our normal timetable. We are all working hard to catch up the weeks that were lost with lock down.

As we move into the final term for the year, a number of our Year 8 students will be getting anxious about moving onto College. This is normal. They did transitioning into Intermediate therefore, they will easily adjust to their next phase of their learning journey with a lot more ease. The Intermediate years have equipped them with the skills to learning various subjects, adapt to working with different teachers and their teaching styles as well as working with a range of students across the school. Our students are use to reading and following a timetable as well as ensuring that they get involved in other extra curricular activities that are on offer. So they are set up ready for College life.

Next term we will have a space of 6 - 7 weeks of our learning timetable and then our innovation and Market night in Week 8 and school finished on Tuesday 14th December which is Week 9.

With us being in Alert Level 2 a number of events have been cancelled as we head into Term 4, due to the restricted numbers allowed for indoor events.

Our Term 3 Trophy Night which was due to be held on Wednesday will be cancelled as our indoor numbers will be well over the restrictions.

A decision has been made by the organisers of the Intermediate Poly Fest and Kapa Haka Festivals that this will be cancelled with plans to hold it in 2022. These two events bring at least 13 Intermediates together, performers, staff and whānau to share their talents on the stage.

The Inter-Intermediate Basketball tournament has been cancelled which was due to be held this Tuesday and Wednesday. It is better to keep everyone safe during this challenging time.

I am sure that you are all looking forward to the up and coming holidays and cannot wait to spend time with your whānau (without any home learning) having to take place.

Have a great two weeks and we will see all of our students return on Monday 18th Octomber at 8.45 a.m.

Kapi Mana Netball Saturday Competition 2021

Congratulations to all of our players and coaches who have successfully completed the Saturday Netball season at Kapi Mana.

A big shout out to our coaches - Catherine Balt, Gail Parata and Azaria Iti. Thank you for taking the time to coach our students for trainings and at the game. Also a thank you to all of our whānau who have supported on the sideline as well.

TBI Emerald won the Junior D grade for the 2021 season. Congratulations to Kyla-Jade Munroe, Kelly Henderson, Emiliia Laavasa, Bronson Kelleher, Brandon McRoy, Isaac Williamson, Azaria Iti (Coach), Sadie Baker, Lucy Williamson and Tessa Hanrahan.

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Whittakers Chocolate Raffle Packs

We will have on sale at the beginning of next term, 2 packs with an arrangement of Whittaker's Chocolate. These two packs were donated by Suzie Trego and her whānau as a fundraiser for the AIMS Games. Due to this being cancelled the fundraised money will go towards the purchase and installation of a new basketball/netball combination system for our students to use.

The cost per ticket will be $2.00. Please send money along with your child to purchase tickets or you can contact the office directly with the number of tickets you would like to purchase and pay via internet banking.

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Healthy School Lunches - Yummy Lasagne

Our students were treated again to a nice warm lunch last Tuesday. Lasagne was provided to all of our students with very little wastage. Students were able to have seconds and then a few were able to take another serving home.

A big thanks to Debra Lobban (office), Amy Cole and Taliaina Itamura for helping to serve the lunches in a fast and organised way.

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Cannons Creek Boxing Academy Programme

Next term we will re-start the Cannons Creek Boxing programme for our students who started attending at the beginning of this term before lock down on the first day back - Monday 18th October 2021.

I would also like to thank the Cannons Creek Boxing academy for providing our students with a Cookie Time cookie last Friday, I know they were enjoyed by all.

University of Canterbury Kiwi Competition Awards 2021

A big congratulations to the following students who participated in the Mathematics, Science and English competition earlier this year.


Participation - Emiliia Laavasa

Achieved - Anika Illingworth

Merit - Waimihi Muir, Coco Rogers

Excellence - Cameron Culver-Dickens


Participation - Jasmine Keith, Max Ellis, Jakob Moore

Achieved - Cameron Culver-Dickens, Tane Mill


Participation - Jerome Tuhi

Excellence - Cameron Culver-Dickens

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Upcoming Events

  • Last Day of Term - Friday 1st October 3.00 p.m.
  • Term 4 starts - Monday 18th October 8.45 a.m.