Bolton Hill Nursery Newsletter

Friday, March 13th, 2015

This week it seemed as though old man Winter was finally on his way out the door. No longer were the hallways and cubbies busting to the brim with heavy winter coats and oversized snow pants. Instead the children arrived in light jackets and sweaters eager to start their day. The lightened load also made trips outside far easier as the children didn't need to put on a ton of layers before squeezing into our familiar yellow BHN shirts. Spring, we welcome you with open arms and we simply can't wait to enjoy your sunshine and warm temperatures!


Summer Camp Applications are DUE!

Friday, March 20th, 7:30am

Bolton Hill, Baltimore, MD, United States

Baltimore, MD

Summer camp applications are due next Friday, March 20th. After that, we will open camp to the public so it is imperative that we know your intentions for the summer. (We don't want you to lose your spot for the summer!!!) Applications can be found on our website under Programs: Resources for Parents or by clicking here. More details about camp can be found below.

Special Persons Day

Thursday, April 2nd, 10:30am

Your Child's Classroom

Every year, the Birds of BHN invite a special person to come and visit them in their classroom. Guests participate in fun activities and write in the child's journal. It truly is a lot of fun! A special person may be a grandparent, a babysitter, a family friend, etc. Only stipulation is that each child can only invite one person (due to limited space) and the guest should be at least 18 years of age. That's it. More details will follow soon.


Monday, April 6th, 7:30am-5:30pm

Bolton Hill, Baltimore, MD, United States

Baltimore, MD

Due to the crazy winter weather, BHN had to close three days. Therefore, we will be open on Monday, April 6th, 2015 for a snow make up day.

BHN's 15th Annual Silent & Live Auction

Saturday, April 18th, 7-10pm

400 East Lexington Street

Baltimore, MD

The auction is a little over a month away and we are getting very excited!! Not only is the event an opportunity to raise funds for the school, but it's also a chance for all of us to get together and celebrate Bolton Hill Nursery. (And who doesn't love a good party?!) So tell your friends and neighbors! Pick out something to wear that makes you feel magical. (I've heard whispers of glitter...) Buy your tickets now. (Contact Kelly to purchase them at BHN or you can buy them online by clicking here.)

Babysitting will be available to current families for children ages two and up! Sign up sheets will be posted soon.


Looking Ahead to Conferences

We have adjusted the dates of the Parent Teacher Conferences in May. Please make note of the changes and mark your calendars now. Sign up sheets will be available in May.
  • May 7th- Canaries (at 204)
  • May 11th- Blue Herons (at 204)
  • May 12th- Gold Finches (at 204)
  • May 13th- Parakeets (at 204) and Blue Finches (at 1316)
  • May 14th- Scarlet Ibises (at 204) and Steller Jays (at 1316)
  • May 15th- Rose Finches (at 204) and Blue Macaws (at 1316)

These dates can also be found on the online calendar on the Bolton Hill Nursery website.

BHN Summer Camp

A few points to remember about Camp:

  • While we extend camp to all of current families first, it is essential that everyone fill out an application and return it to BHN.
  • One of the advantages of summer camp is that we allow our families to sign up for individual weeks instead of months.
  • It is recommended that you sign up for all of the weeks that you think you will need. You have until May 1st to cancel.
  • There is a three-day minimum per week and there is a four-week minimum for the summer.
  • If your child is not three by the start of camp, they will not participate in swim lessons or tennis lessons.



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