Going Digital

April 2016

Last month I embedded a support form in the newsletter. It's also in my email signature as a link. The form seems to be working out nicely. It gives you a chance to ask me for personalized support. I've been able to provide resources, assist in planning, and co-teach to help meet various needs as well as gather ideas for future PDs. Please keep using the form, also found at the end of this newsletter. I am happy to provide assistance in any way. And, I have to admit, coming into the classrooms to work with you and your students is super fun for me.

Need ideas? Here are some recent ways I've been in the classrooms:

  • Using Discovery Education's Board Builder for students to create anchor charts
  • Gathering student feedback via Padlet and Office 365 (Word)
  • Providing support with online PARCC tutorials
  • Setting up turn-ins via BCPS One and helping students navigate the process
  • Planning student choice for work products
  • Being an extra set of hands and providing support for students and teachers with new technology applications
  • Working with small groups of students to create audio and video clips
  • Exploring new tools and planning for best implementation practices

S.T.A.T. in Action Here at PGE

DIY PD...Just Under 5 Minutes

I found this article, 8 Ways Teachers Can Talk Less and Get Kids Talking More, on Twitter and reflected on my own teaching as well as made connections to the Framework for Teaching and Learning and the Charlotte Danielson Framework.

Brain Break...Parking Panic

As I come in and out of classes, both in our school and other school visits, I have seen students on the CoolMath website or request to visit the site.

During the spring break, my daughters were playing on the site (via the free iPhone app) and I immediately became addicted to the Parking Panic game (you may need to scroll down and press "continue now"). As I played and played and couldn't put the game down, I began thinking about the educational value. Stamina, perseverance, visual perception, and problem solving came to mind right away. The game is engaging and pushed me to problem solve and keep trying until my little red car made it out of the parking lot.

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Sites to Bookmark

Kiddle: A kid safe visual search engine. Safe sites and pages written specifically for kids. Handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors. (Thanks Mina for sharing!)

Edutyping: Available for our 3rd-5th grade students, but free trials are also available for primary teachers. (Thank you Kathy for looking into this!)

BCPS EdCamp: Hope to see you there!

BCPS ODL Newsletter: A monthly news blog by the staff of BCPS's Office of Digital Learning

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