Last Day to Register

Saturday for Baseball & Sunday for Softball

Please help us spread the word!

We want to make sure we reach everyone! Please share this email with all of the parents you know with children between the ages of 7 and 14. Boys and Girls!

It is VERY important that we have all of the kids on the roster prior to drafting teams. This helps ensure that we have the right size teams so the kids get the most out of their baseball or softball experience. This also helps us make sure we have enough equipment and coaches.

BASEBALL PLAYERS! Please check your age division!

All boys who were born in January of 06 - December 05 will play in the 9 & 10 year old division! This is new this year!! The age charts for both baseball and softball are listed below.

Final Registration and Group Try-Out

Saturday, April 11th, 9pm to Sunday, April 12th, 4pm

5200 Marion Center Road

Charlevoix, MI

Please note that players practice time will depend on the division that they are playing in. Please make sure to check the age chart. Many players who are 8 will be playing in the Minor division.

Saturday, April 11


• BB Midgets (Ages 7-8)


• BB Minors (Ages 9-10)


• BB Majors (Ages 11-12)


Sunday, April 12


• SB Midgets (Ages 7-8)


• SB Minors (Ages 9-10)


• MB Majors (11-12)


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