getting a job in high school?

why would you get a job at a young age?

what are the positive benefits

*you can save up money for collage

*you will learn the true meaning of responsibility. As you grow older, your amount of responsibilities will only increase so learning how to multitask at an early age will better prepare you for the future

*Most college admissions officers like seeing work experience on a student's high school resume.

*By working different part-time jobs during your years in high school, you will more fully discern the type of career path you want to follow.

what are the negative benefits?

*As students work longer hours, they achieve at lower levels academically, are more likely to engage in negative behaviors, have lower academic and career aspirations, and are less likely to hold leadership positions, engage in extracurricular activities, and attend or stay in college. These negative effects are persistent across gender groups, racial groups, differing socioeconomic status levels, and academic abilities

we need jobs to

even though their are some things that would make you choose to not get a job, just think of all the positive things and look at the bright side.

thanks for taking a look at my flyer bye.

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