Prove your math skills to all of your friends

Race around the board, answer questions correctly, get as many points as you can, and get to your home spot before the others!


  • 1 game board
  • 4 pieces (M, A, T, H)
  • 2 dice
  • 48 question cards
  • scrap paper & pencil for work (optional)


To be one of the first two players to get to your home spot and be the one with the most points!


To start, each player picks a piece. The pieces will have a letter on them: M, A, T, or H. Each player will start on the corner with the corresponding letter on it (their corner). All of the players roll the dice to see who goes first, and then with the order, the players roll and move the amount of spaces shown on the dice clockwise.


To get points, you must land on either a corner spot, a colored spot, or a spot that tells you to gain points. To lose points, you must either get a question wrong, or land on a space that tells you to lose points. When you land on a colored spot, there will be a question worth a certain amount of points. If you get the question right, then you gain the number of points the card is worth, and if you miss it, you lose the amount of points the card is worth. For an addition problem, each problem is worth 1 point. For a subtraction problem, each problem is worth 2 points. For a multiplication problem, each problem is worth 3 points. For a division problem, each question is worth 4 points. YES YOU CAN GO INTO NEGATIVE POINTS!!!


On some spots, there are color and a number. When you land on one of these spots, you will pick the card with the same color and number out of the Q deck. There will be a question on the back, and you have to answer it in under 1 minute. After you answer the question, you will pick the same card, but from the A deck. If you get it right, you get the amount of points the card is worth. If you get the question wrong, then you lose the amount of points the card is worth.

Corner Spots

On each corner spot there is a letter. If the letter is the same letter written on your game piece, then it is your corner. When you land on a corner spot there will be a question. Pick the corresponding card from the Q deck. After you answer the question on the back of the card, you pick the same card from the A deck. Here is the point system for the corner spots:

Corner is not your corner:

Right- Gain 5 points

Wrong- lose 5 points

Corner is your corner:

Right- Gain 10 points

Wrong- lose 10 points

If you land on another player's corner, you may trade spots with that player and they can answer the question. To trade spots and to get to your corner, you must pay the player on your spot 3 points. You must have 3 or more points to do so, you can not go into debt.


Once a player has gone past their corner 3 times, then they may move to their home spot, where they wait for another player to do the same. If this player wants more points, they can stay for one more lap around the board, but after passing their corner a 4th time, they must go to their home spot. Once two players get to their home spot, the game is over. Only the first two players to get to their home spot have a chance at winning, and the other two are automatically out. Of the two who made it, whoever has the most points wins.
The person who gets lots of points and moves around the board quickly will most likely get to their home spot first and win!