Nuclear energy

by:Maurice Howard

Nuclear energy definition:

Nuclear energy:Energy that comes from splitting atoms of radioactive material,such as uranium.It is a non-renewable resource
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1.Because of nuclear energy it has been calculated that because o its popularity that the emission of greenhouse gas has been reduced down two half.

2.It is powerful and efficient.

3.Its reliable in weather conditions like rain or snow.

4.It is cheap.

6.It is easy to transport.


1.Its waste is radioactive.

2.People who work or live near the plants can be harmed if it accidentally leaks.

3.After it is converted into energy it creates a by-product called plutonium

4.It takes a lot of time and money to build a power plant for nuclear energy.

5.After the nuclear bombs in world war two children were born with defects because of nuclear energy and there is still no cure.

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The picture above is of uranium whats used to make nuclear energy.