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A Podcast Interview with Clark County STASHA

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Listen along as your hosts, Jesse Jimenez and Christopher Belisle, interview three youth leaders from the Clark County STASHA Peer Education Program. Charlie Fisher, Jaelyn Sotelo, and Kennedy Flatt share their stories around positive coping skills and how they worked with a group of 30 of their peers across Clark County to develop a campaign titled, "Better You Bingo."

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Better You BINGO is a tool that invites other youth ages 12-19 from the community to participate in a self-paced "healthy coping challenge" that introduces them to or leads them to complete activities that will focus on healthy coping skills for a chance to win a healthy coping themed PRIZE. Some examples of the challenges that youth will be presented with include reduced screen time, recognizing nature, and taking time to exercise.

The campaign was developed by the youth volunteers and peer educators at Clark County STASHA as part of their annual prevention project for the community. For more information, email or visit

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