Your eco-friendly supermarket

Do you shop sustainably?

We must use reusable Shopping Bags

Sadly, Australians use 3.92 billion plastic bags a year. This is terrible because plastic bags won't break down meaning they last from 200 to at least 1000 years. Sadly many thousands of marine mammals and seabirds die every year due to plastic bags because they think it is food. There is only one thing you can do to help these animals and it is to use shopping bags with recycled materials or organic fabrics.

Processed foods

When you go to supermarket buy less processed food because all processed foods are full of a wide variety of chemicals and are usually full of preservatives and artificial colouring and flavours. So if you don't buy them they won't need to be shipped all over the country meaning no more carbon dioxide is released in the air.

Walk to the shops

If you live within walking distance, get the benefit of some added exercise and walk or bicycle to the shops. If you walk or ride a bike you are helping the environment by not putting carbon dioxide into the air.

Locally Grown

Studies showed that fresh produce loses nutrients quickly. So if you buy locally grown fruit and vegetables you will get the freshest and most nutrient fruit and vegetables there is. If you buy locally grown, no more fruit or vegetables will need to be transported to other countries.

Buy In Bulk

When you buy food in larger sizes, you are reducing the amount of packaging needed to contain those products this means less long-term cost and also less packaging to get rid of.Many of the food you are able to purchase in bulk have a long shelf life, such as pasta, rice, cereal, oatmeal, dried fruit and nuts.
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Make your own shopping bag

Go to this website to make and design your own shopping bag today.