Happy Meadows

Slogan: Happiness is the key to everything.


My utopia is based fully upon happiness of the individual while keeping people educated and working to get the necessary things done. Things in my utopia are similar to the outside world in terms of how things are ran, except that we limit things like work times in order to keep people happier, we are also open to suggestions on how things should be run. Anyone who is unhappy with life, can come and join my utopia as long as they pledge to obey the laws and not disturb the general public with obnoxious things. The major laws are to not commit crime, to be kind and considerate of everyone, and to live in harmony wherever it is you choose to settle down in our utopia. We are located in a very diverse landscape, in a place that was once known as Colorado, plus some surrounding land. Here, the weather is very diverse and ranges from snow/cold (0 degree) weather to sunny/hot (90 degree) weather depending on the time of year, so it has a little bit for all people. There are cities for those who prefer urban areas, and rural places for others who prefer the countryside. Big sectors of land are dedicated to sporting grounds, parks, and wildlife reserves for everyones use.

Reason for Existence (4.a)

This utopia exists because there are so many unhappy people every where else in the world. The goal of my utopia is to make everyone happy in order to end all the hatred and war in the world. We will not try to be perfect because there is no such thing as perfect, but we will try our hardest to stay true to what we believe in and make sure we don't go through the wrong paths. We will focus a lot on the people and their freedom. We are much more open to the public's opinion as well, so we do what they want and always keep them in mind during all major decisions. No decision may pass without their consent and approval.

Community Members (4.b)

Come one, come all to my utopia no one shall be excluded if they wish to join. Everyone out there is special and deserves the best in life, so come live in Happy Meadows to make your life complete and full of everything you could possibly want. Here, everyone will matter in our society and you will not be forgotten. So come to Happy Meadows and make your dreams come true. Do it for yourself who only deserves the best that life can give. Be the first ones to become part of this new and aspiring society. Join now to be put down in the history and have your name live on forever.

American Dreams and Novels (4.c)

My utopia shares the values of the American Dream in many ways. The American Dream is the ideal that every citizen should have equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. My utopia has that ideal, the only difference is that we won't try to overwork anyone in the pursuit of it and we will try our hardest to keep everyone happy by actually helping every individual achieve the success and prosperity they deserve. We will help everyone get what they want through each step of the way. The American Dream can also be seen in a story that was read earlier in the year by our student helpers where although it had the same idea in it the execution of it was very different. In this story everyone was "handicapped" in some way in order to give them that equal opportunity to achieve their success. This way was very controlling and had a good idea to it, but was wrong either way because they tried to make people really dumb, weak, and slow.

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451 (4.d)

My utopia is not very similar to the dystopia that Ray Bradbury imagined, although the idea is somewhat closely related on the fact that both are meant to keep people happy. In Ray Bradbury's dystopia they try to keep people happy with hollow happiness and cheap thrills that are dangerous for everyone and keep them from thinking about everything around them. Where as in my utopia people are kept happy by giving them the freedom and equipment to do whatever they want as long as they don't harm other people and do the work that must be done in their short work hours. Another big difference is that while Ray Bradbury's dystopia attempts to keep people happy through making them ignorant to everything around them by basically making people shells of who they truly should be, killing their sense of curiosity in the world among other things. My utopia isn't like that, instead, we promote curiosity and hope that they take interests in the things around them to keep them happy. We will promote intellectualism for all individuals and will not stop people from reading. In our society the intellectual will be treated just as everybody else is, there will be no special treatment in order to keep people happy, but that shouldn't be a problem since one of our main focuses is to get people to be smart and give them the opportunity to learn for free. Our society is not operated in any way similar to that of Ray Bradbury's, we will never constrict our society to laws that limit your freedom, except when it comes to crime, which is not tolerated.

Disclaimer (5.a-e)

Of course, inevitably, there will be problems. Such as if people become unhappy with what they are doing in their life with work and such. We will make sure those problems are addressed and fixed immediately by relocating unhappy people to new things they actually want to do. Nothing you do in our society is actually a problem unless you start committing crimes such as killing, for which you will be banished from our society. Other crimes, such as theft, shouldn't be a problem since there will be no need for it because everyone gets all that they need. As for the drawbacks of living in my utopia, it could be that you will not learn to deal with unhappiness, depression, rudeness, and a lot of other problems that you may encounter more of in the outside world, if you decide to leave. Which takes us to the other topic. If anyone wants to leave my utopia they will be free to do so without any problems. We will not hold people here against their will and if they ever want to come back they are welcome to do so. There may be a lot of people that may not see this utopia, like I and many others do. Some people may be sour and may not be comfortable with so many happy people around them, it may even be irritating to some so they may see this as a nightmare, a dystopia even, instead of a utopia.