Charlotte Doyle

By: Madison, Nicole, Tomas, Ritvik, Fox, & Nisha


Point of View: 1st person

  • Setting: Seahawk
  • Situation: Charlotte is a girl that is trying her hardest to get through the harsh journey of the Seahawk to get home to her parents. EXAMPLE:"Not every thirteen year old girl is accused of murder, brought to trial, and found guilty" (AVI 1).
  • Characters: Captain Jaggery, Charlotte, Zachariah, Mr, Grummage, and all of the crew members.

Conflict: Everyone is telling Charlotte that danger is coming but she doesn't believe them. EXAMPLE:"Mrs. Doyle doesn't know what is coming"(AVI 23).

Protagonist vs. Antagonist

Charlotte vs. Captain Jaggery

Rising Action:

  • Zachariah tells Charlotte all of the dangers on the ship and what has happened in the past. He also gives her a dirk. EXAMPLE"I only wish to give you this knife as protection - in case you need it"(AVI 23)
  • Charlotte befriends the Captain. EXAMPLE"Ms. Doyle, forgive my rough tongue, but, since we are to be friends - we are already friends are we not?"(AVI 44)
  • Charlotte was down in the cargo getting her clothes when she sees a figure staring at her.

Climax: Charlotte becomes a crew member. EXAMPLE: "I... I have joined the crew" (AVI 120).

Falling Action:

  • Zachariah is alive. EXAMPLE: Zachariah says"Close to death surely, Charlotte, but not altogether dead"(AVI 149).
  • Jaggery blames her for everything he did. EXAMPLE:"The captain told us... that it was you... that murdered him"(AVI 144)
  • Captain Jaggery blames her for killing Mr. Hollybrass and she goes to trial and her punishment is to get hanged.
  • Jaggery gets thrown overboard. EXAMPLE:"Captain Jaggery dropped into the roaring foam and passed beneath the ship, not to be seen again"(AVI 195)
  • Charlotte becomes captain for the rest of the voyage. EXAMPLE:"But Mrs. Doyle has done what we could not do.Let her be captain now."(AVI 195)

Resolution: Everyone gets to Providence safely but Charlotte decides to stay on the Seahawk because it's her "home". EXAMPLE: (Setting: Seahawk)" Who is that?" came a challenge.

I said nothing.

"Who is that" came the demand again. Now I was certain of the voice.

" Zachariah?" I called, my voice choked.

" Charlotte!"

" I have decided to come home"(AVI 210).

Theme: People can change if it is based on justice.


  • Charlotte: A young woman that believes in justice and very determined. EXAMPLE: "I stole a quick glance below. The crew's faces were turned up toward me. I understood that they would take the smallest movement down as retreat. I had to continue. And so I did" (AVI 114-115).
  • Captain Jaggery: A rude person that only cares about himself. EXAMPLE: "It's true miss. He's abusing us. And you. Mark my words. No good will come out of it" (AVI 54).
  • Zachariah: An old man with a kind heart that forgives easily. EXAMPLE: "I forgive the girl. You used her. She did not know better. I forgive my mates too" (AVI 91).

Conflict (Internal and External)

  • Charlotte Doyle is having trouble whether she should tell Captain Jaggery about the round robin and the pistol she saw in Mr Ewing's chest.(Internal conflict). "But having arrived at that conclusion, I asked myself this: What was I to do with my discovery?" (AVI 77).
  • Cranick confronts Captain Jaggery and they had a round robin which shows that Captain Jaggery is unfit for the job. Then Captain Jaggery kills Cranick and torture's Zachariah.(External conflict) "We've got a round robin here, which declares you unfit to be captain of the Seahawk" (AVI 84).
  • Charlotte is questioning whether or not to tell Captain Jaggery about what she had heard at the crew's cabin. (Internal Conflict) "Whether or not I should tell the captain what I had just heard was a more delicate question" (AVI 40).

Figurative Language

  • "Barlow was as dexterous as a monkey" (AVI 51). ~similie
  • "But more than the rain or waves it was the screaming wind that tore at me" (AVI 133). ~personification
  • "I felt as though I were swimming against a rising river tide" (AVI 133). ~imagery
  • "My head felt light, my heart an anvil" (AVI 116). ~metaphor
  • "All hands aloft! All hands aloft!" came the cry again. It was pleading, desperate" (AVI 132). ~refrain


Madison~ "I think the crew is going to turn against Captain Jaggery and kill him."

Nicole~ "I think Charlotte will be in danger by the crew."

Nisha~ "I think Captain Jaggery will blackmail Charlotte."

Tomas~ "I think that the crew is going to throw Captain Jaggery overboard."

Ritvik~ "Charlotte Doyle will be thrown overboard."

Fox~ "I think that the ship will catch on fire."


Alone and dreadful, Charlotte Doyle has to enter the Seahawk only to find a horrible captain, and an unexpectedly ironic crew lead by Captain Jaggery. Although, she has made some friends, she is still troubled by her thoughts and events that have been tragically horrifying that lurk behind Captain Jaggery.She eventually manages to get through this tragic journey more unexpected, puzzled thoughts. When she gets home, she learns how to be a proper lady again. Charlotte Doyle is a great novel that enhances the meaning of justice.
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