Integumentary System

Integumentary System

1. One thing the integumentary system can do is prevent sun burn.

2. Second thing it does is that it protects living organs and tissues from many different types of bacteria.

3. Another one is that it protects the body from disease.

4.It can also act as a vecepatator.

5. Last but not least is can also generate vitamin D.

How the integumentary system works with another system.

The nervous system works with the integumentary system because there are many nerves in our skin to help us feel. It sends signals to our mind and that's how we sense feel.

Disease that can happen in the integumentary system.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a disease which is caused my too much sunlight exposure. Ultra violet radiation is the primary cause of skin cancer.

Three Symptoms


2:Loss of skin color



Two doctors that can treat skin cancer are a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon.

Some treaments that can be used to help skin cancer are photodynamic therapy, tissue scraping, electrosurgery, mohs surgery, wide local excision.

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