4th quarter Solo project

Kennedy Vettel

Edmund J. Siennicki

Edmund J. Siennicki was born and raised in Cleveland OH. As time went by, Edmunds love for music grew too. He attended Kent State University where he got his bachelor's degree and wrote the song “Fight on for KSU.” This song is still played at football games today. He got his MA at Teachers college, Columbia University. In 1994, he won the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the school of music.

Happy Song

Happy Song is a song that I will remember for the rest of my life. It’s joyful and makes your heart want to sing along. This song always makes me happy and will make you feel the same way.

P = Piano (quite)

MF = Mezzo forte (mediom loud)

F = Forte ( very loud )

Crescendo = Get louder

Kennedy Vettel

My name is Kennedy Vettel. I go to Discovery Middle School and i’m in 6th grade clarent. I enjoy playing the clarinet because it lets me try something new every time I play it, weather I play a new song or a new note I always learn something new.

What I have learned

I have learned so much from doing this project. I learned that I should never give up no matter how hard the song is. This has really helped me with my Clarinet experience. I think that having this experience will help me later in life.