An Effective Facebook Page

An effective page is vital to marketing your business well

Facebook and the Computer Business:

Knowing how to market your business effectively through the use of Facebook is absolutely vital in developing a successful marketing campaign for your business.

When to Post?

To epitomize your marketing, you need to know when and how often to post. To be most successful we advise that a business should post three to four times a day. We also suggest posting during the day and evening in order to reach the business' target audience during their browsing hours.

What to Post?

In order to reach your customers to the best of your ability we suggest that you post pictures or statuses about the companies newest products such as computers and electronic accessories . As can be seen on the most successful accounts, posting pictures will lead to the best interaction with consumers.

Interacting with Customers!

Some of the more successful Facebook accounts have hundreds of people posting to the page a day and thousands more viewing and interacting with the company's page. Many consumers go on to pages to view the newest computer products that companies offer so posting pictures and information about the product draws many users. As well as posting information companies can post codes that will give you deals such as 5% off to redeem on their website which leads to lots of interaction.
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