North and West Africa


Egypt is across the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia, where the messenger of Islam, Muhammad, was born. Like most countries in North Africa, Islam is now the major religion in Egypt. In fact, it is the country's oficial religion.


The Sahara covers all of Algeria south of the Atlas Mountains and water is in short supply in this area. The Berbers and the Arabs are Algeria's two main ethnic groups. The Berbers and the Arabs have lived in North Africa since at least 3000 BC. Thw Berbers way of life changed in the AD 600s, when Arabs spread across North Africa. The Arabs conquered North Africa gradually, over hundreds of years.




Nigeria has a big diversity of Ethnic groups all over the country.

Why are they so many ethnic groups and languages within one country? Before europeans arrived, what is now Nigeria was ruled by many ethnic groups, including the Hausa, the Yoruba, and the Ibo. But when europeans drew Nigeria's borders, they did not think about ethnic groups.


  • Abdy Brito
  • 10 /Dec/2014
  • Mrs. Ema Salinas


In 1935, Ghana was called the Gold Coast and it was ruled by Great Britain for over 60 years. But a man named Kwame Nkrumah believed that the people should benefit from the wealth of their own country,so he began traveling all over the country to convince people to demand independence from Great Britain. In 1957, Nkrumah gave a moving speech to his people. Great Britain, he said, had finally agreed to grant them sovereignity.
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