Pay it Forward

Gavin Rich

Pay It Forward

Have you ever been curious about if everyone in the world was kind and respectful? Well we can try and make that happen...Just Pay It Forward! We can start by doing good deeds to other people like your neighbor, family, and friends without them having to ask you to do it. And then hopefully they will do good deeds to other people and then it will grow!

You can help by letting out the dog for your parents. That’s one of the things I do when my dad is asleep so it can get done. Or you can pay money to food drives, poor people who live in Haiti, pounds Etc.

You can pick up trash on the ground or recycle cans and bottle. Or if you really like animals you can be a foster parent or help out animal shelters like I do.

I help my mom out sometimes because she has a leg disease so if you have a parent that has a sickness you can help them out and that would make their day! If there is someone who is struggling with grocery bags don’t walk away help them!

I hope you found some ways to help out others. If you do some of these things and you think that’s not really a big thing that will change the world boy are you wrong! Because my classmates are doing the same to help the community!
Inspirational: Be Kind To Others, It Will Pay Off