About The Number 50

The number 50 is an even number.2 quarters make 50 cent.

It’s the 25th odd number.This number is WANTED!!!


Base Ten Blocks

Word Form

The Story About 50!!!!!

When 50 was born it was a 25 but,it had a brother

it was 25 to.One day they both went to school they learned that 25+25=50. Their Dad was a scientist ,so one day their dad made a potion that made objects come together.When their dad left to go to the store their mother watched them.25 and its brother played around their dads science room,so they went in when their mother was

not looking and saw the potion their dad was working on,but they kept playing around

in their dads science room.25 and its brother knocked over the potion.CRASH!! it fell their mom ran in the room and there it was 25 and its brother was covered with the

potion.Their mom said what happened.25 and its brother told their mom the story she was mad at them ,so she ran to get napkins to clean the mess that 25 and its brother made,but soon as she walked in the room it was to late 25 and its brother came together and they were now 50!! Their mom was sad and called her husband and told him everything, and that is how the 25 brothers became 50. THE END

If found contact Tania