Year 6 Newsletter

Term 2- January 20th

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Happy New Year

Dear Parents,

We have begun the first part of the second term with several exciting events. It is a short time up until the Lunar New Year holiday but we have packed a lot in already.

Unit of Inquiry

Central Idea: Exploration leads to discoveries, new understandings and has numerous consequences.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • What are the reasons for exploration? (CAUSATION)

  • How do explorations help us understand the world around us? (CONNECTION)

  • Is there a need to continue with exploration? (REFLECTION)

We have celebrated the end of our unit with an excellent wax work museum display of the children's learning.

Wax Work Museum

Exploration Unit Summative.

Year 6 have enjoyed role playing their chosen explorer and presenting their research to each other. As wax work models there was no talking, so everything they had learnt about their chosen explorer had to be clear, informative and evident from their posters. The children were encouraged to get to know something of the character of their explorer by reading and writing biographies. With the push of a button inspirational quotes or anecdotes could be heard. The children inquired into a large variety of famous expeditions and we were treated to 'exhibits' of Zheng He, Neil Armstrong, Amelia Earhart, Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo to name just a few! The children went to great efforts to create very imaginative props and costumes. One explorer even fly into the museum in her plane ( Veronica)

Below are just a few examples.

Coming up: Our new Sharing the Planet Unit -

Change can be achieved by taking action on local and global issues.

Children attended an N.G.O. conference at Kowloon Junior School to learn about what action people are taking to ensure communities have equal opportunities. Each child had the opportunity to listen to three talks from the 24 organisations represented. We will inquire into ways in which these types of inequalities can be addressed and what action we can take to help. The children will be inquiring into the United Nations set of 2030 Global Goals.

Please have a look at the links the children will be using to inquire into their chosen issue.

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English: Persuasive Writing

Children will begin to look at the purpose and language features of persuasive texts. They will eventually be able to produce letter,leaflets or persuasive videos to campaign for Action and raise awareness of their chosen issue

Book Week

Year 6 have enjoyed a number of exciting activities during book week. These included a book swap, book mark making in the library, and the opportunity to listen to different teachers reading during various play-times.

We were also privileged to listen to local author Sarah Brennan read her new book 'Rickshaw Rooster' The children listened attentively to the historical background to the story before enjoying an exciting 'read aloud ' by Sarah. Many of the children have ordered their own copies of the book which will be signed by Sarah.

Well done to Hannah from 6P who won a prize for her reading in extremes photograph. Reading while skiing very tricky !!

Acknowledgements were also paid to 6P for their door book cover design. All the doors around school look great but children voted 6P's 'The World's Worst Children" the best .

6P were incredibly pleased to be chosen


The children will be working on the following objectives linked to fractions, decimals and percentages:

  • Understand the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages.
  • Find percentages of numbers with and without a calculator
  • Simplify fractions in mental and written form
  • Solve problems involving addition and subtraction of common fractions with the same or related denominators
  • Convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa
  • Read, write and solve problems involving ratio

Chinese New Year Celebrations

School finishes on Thursday next week as we get ready to celebrate the Year of the Rooster. Some of our Y6 spent the afternoon at the JFK school spending time with the children there, reading stories and sharing special treats. Celebrations will take place at Kennedy next week with the Y5 and Y6 Chinese Assembly and Lion Dances on Thursday.
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Ark Eden

The children will also be heading to Ark Eden to learn conservation and environmental practices. If you would like to support your child's class please inform your teacher when you receive your class dates
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Important Dates in 2017:

6th February - First day of second half of Term 2

7th February - Where the Whales Came- theatre trip

9th February - Sports day

15th February - Arc Eden 6M ( please note swap with 6P)

16th February - 6P Class Assembly

16th February- Arc Eden 6S

17th February- Arc Eden 6RO

23rd February- arc Eden 6P

24th February- Arc Eden 6R