By: Daniela Salman and Emerson Clark

The Mistreated/Misunderstood Villain

Syndrome or Buddy Pine from The Incredibles, is the villain that seeks
revenge on a family of undercover super heroes. He always wanted to be
a super hero but was not born with supernatural powers which results
in him becoming a "self made" hero. He tricks Mr. Incredible and his
family to try to destroy them throughout the movie.

Explanation of Archetype:
When Buddy Pine was a child, he looked up to Mr. Incredible and wanted
to become just like him. He begged him to let him be his sidekick but
Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) rejects the boy which destroys Buddy's dream
of becoming a hero along with the person he admired the most. This led future
Buddy to rename himself as Syndrome and become a "self made" super
hero. When Bob Parr turned down Buddy, it caused him to feel a very
strong hatred towards him and his family. He becomes a mad scientist
and makes it his life mission to get his vengeance. Although Syndrome
does terrible things to the Incredibles, he did all of it because he
felt hurt and lonely that the person who he looked up to failed him.
All he ever wanted was to feel special or important. Therefore, he is a mistreated or
misunderstood villain.

The Manipulator


Plankton from Sponge Bob Square pants is small plankton that lives under the sea. He is very witty and is always trying to get the upper hand on Mr. Krabs. Him and his computer wife live in a place called the Chumbucket. The Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs burger joint, is right across the street from the Chumbucket.

Explanation of Archetype:

Plankton is a perfect example of the Manipulator due to the fact that he is always trying to out wit Mr. Krabs. Plankton wants to steal his secret Krabby Patty Formula so he can run Mr. Krabs out of business. Whether it be him shooting himself in a cannon to Mr. Krabs front door or Plankton trying to sneak into his safe at night. Plankton is always trying to trick Mr. Krabs into giving him the Secret Formula.

The Masquerader


Mrs. Doubtfire played by Robin Williams in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire is a man who gets divorced and wants to see his kids. During the divorce he is given barely any visitation rights. So in order to see his kids he dresses up as a female Nanny and gets hired on as the care taker for the kids while his ex-wife is at work. This plan eventually falls through and his ex-wife finds out it is him.

Explanation of Archetype:

Mrs. Doubtfire or Robin Williams is a great example of the Masquerader because he dresses up as someone else in order to hand the upper hand on someone else. He not only dresses up as a woman but also takes on the whole persona of a woman also. Throughout the movie Mrs. Doubtfire becomes almost a real person in the sense that his kids start to like her a lot. In the end everything turns out great and Mrs. Doubtfire is revealed as their real dad.