Marijuana Legal?!?

Not Yet in Illinios!!

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You may have heard about Colorado legalizing marijuana. The people who agree with that see no problems, but I can point some out. When people smoke it, they increase their heart rate, and that can put them at a greater risk for a heart attack. Lung Cancer due to smoking is also a concern, but Colorado lawmakers aren't concerned with that.

How the Use of Marijuana Affects the Brain

Did you know smoking marijuana affects your ability to make new memories? Also, it impairs your ability to shift focus. The cerebellum and basal ganglia are the parts of your brain that regulate balance, sense of identity, time, vision, and touch. Those are affected in the short-term way by smoking marijuana. Cancer can be a long term effect of smoking marijuana.

How Marijuana Affects the Body

Smoking marijuana increases your heart rate by 20-50 BPM(beats per minute) maybe even doubling in some cases. An hour after smoking it, the risk of a heart attack increases by four times. It also raises blood-pressure. It can hurt you when you have hallucinations, too.

Illinois Politician Thoughts

Illinois is trying to move forward by making new rules for medical marijuana. As far as non ill people possessing it, there is still no progress on the situation. At this point, legalizing medical marijuana is beneficial, but I am not convinced that legalizing it for recreational purpose is a good thing.



Helps ill people (cancer, Crohn's Disease, for example) feel better.

Marijuana overdosing is not as common or as dangerous as narcotic abuse

Economic boost


  • Horrible for your body
  • Increases heart rate by 20-50 BPM
  • Raises blood pressure
  • Increases risk for heart attack
  • Lung Cancer
  • Gang fights over marijuana
  • Dangerous drug deals across America


Yes, I agree marijuana can be good BUT, for the people who need it. Recreational use is not good for your body, and it could harm the safety of people in society.