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In June, 24, 1895, Jack Dempsey was born, born in a village called Manassa Colorado. at a young age he started to work as a miner and farm hand. still at a young age his older brother taught him how to box. he started fighting at mines around salt lake city. he became the world heavy weight champion in 1919 on independence day. once he won, he did not become any more popular. he was never a popular fighter, but he did keep his title for 6 years. one of the main reasons he was not popular as a fighter is because he didn't go to war, and was looked at as a draft dodger.

after six years of having the title, he lost to a man named gene tunney. jack had lost to this man twice before retiring. his last match against gene, jack had forgotten a rule, knocking tunney down and not going to his corner, causing the ref to allow 5 more seconds to the count while tunney was down. this let tunney get up and fight out for the win. after this match jack retired and was added to the hall of fame.


jack Dempsey impact wasn't changing the world, but it sure did leave a mark on boxing history forever! jacks impact was leaving the world knowing he had one of the best streaks ever, and in that time, he did hold the best record. as well as being one of the few to hold the world heavy weight championship, EVER! this impact might not affect most people, but he is a big icon in the boxing world, and many look up to him.
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