My Sister's Keeper

by: Jodi Picoult

Major Difference

At the very end of the book, Anna Fitzgerald is killed in a car crash, meaning the doctors are able to give her kidney to her sister Kate so that she may live instead. In the movie, instead of Anna passing away, Kate's family accepts that Kate wants to die, so Anna doesn't have to make the tough decision of giving her sick sister one of her kidneys. This change is important because the whole book is about Anna trying to get medical emancipation so she doesn't have to do all of the medical procedures her parents tell her to do. Both the book and the movie create the same kind of ending, the loss of a daughter, and they are each surprising and sad in their own way.

Difference in Age

Although it may seem like a slight difference, the fact that Anna is thirteen in the book and then eleven in the movie is actually pretty important. When she was in court, the fact that she was only thirteen raised a lot of red flags for everyone involved, because they felt that she was not mature enough to make such a major difference. Being just eleven in the movie made this seem even more dangerous and it made the lawsuit much more difficult for everyone involved.

Change in Characters